If you have made the decision to study in the beautiful city of Barcelona, you need to think about where you are going to stay, who with, and how to fund it etc.  If you go onto the internet then you will find hundreds of different apartments and options but trying to break this down to what it is you exactly need can be challenging.  

Explore Dedicated Student Apartments

There are companies that look specifically at the student accommodation market and therefore have a vision of what a typical student is in need of.  A company that hosts student accommodation around the UK and Europe is Collegiate, who have a number of suites in campuses that are exclusive to students only.  If you want to take a look around their site, you’ll see that Collegiate are introducing these apartments in the city of Barcelona and there are is a total of 327 luxury en-suite ones to choose from.  These suites are high-end and have everything that any student needs.  This includes a spacious room with a study area, onsite gym, rooftop swimming pool, private library and study rooms.  Going for this option clearly removes a lot of the hassle of apartment upkeep and ad-hoc bills where everything is included in the weekly rental price.  The location of this student accommodation in Barcelona is just a 5 minute journey away from the University of Barcelona, making it ideal for students studying there.

Flat Sharing

A popular way to be extremely cost effective in terms of student accommodation is to flat share.  Effectively you then rent a room (or you may even be room sharing) from the landlord. The living areas, bathrooms etc. would then all be classed as shared areas.  This can be cheap however there are a lot of risks with this approach. What if you move into the apartment and you do not get on with the people you are sharing with?  This could cause contention and problems.  If this is the path you are going to go down then it is highly recommended that you know the people you are moving in with or if not, and that you have met them in advance.  The “rules” or agreements that are in place in terms of shared areas, rental payments, utilities etc. all need to be discussed well in advance to make sure there is no misunderstanding further down the road.

Connect with the Education Establishment

On occasion you will find that the place you are studying may offer its own student accommodation.  Barcelona University definitely does and so do some of the other local colleges.  These types of apartments will be to the most basic standard therefore if you enjoy the nicer things in life, this may not be the option you would want to investigate further.  For more information on this, not only should you contact the education establishment but maybe search on the internet for any reviews from people who live in these places at the moment.


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