Stag Do is an important and exciting moment in our lives. We get to do that once, so it has to be amazing. But the problem is stag do can be fun and scandalous at the same time. It is important that what happens in this, stays in stag do.

Many crazy things can happen on Benidorm stag weekend. But is it good to be honest and tell everything what happened or is it wise to certain things we keep for ourselves?

Here are some reasons why:

You Cannot Afford To Let Scandals Out Of The Group

We all know that stag do can become scandalous. Booze and stripper are predictable, but sometimes it gets more than just fun and thrill. Guys should make sure that they spill the beans out as it might affect a relationship or even worse, the marriage. It’s better to keep your kinky toys secret life safe.

It is also important to understand that not everything happens in the flow just because they are drunk. There might be times when people can get into ugly fights, or might even get arrested. In case you are lucky to get out of all the mess without involving the family, then it shouldn’t ever be mentioned.

It Might Be Private Matter

Some people might not want to share what happens at their bachelor’s party. They take it as a private affair when sharing isn’t necessary. After all, it is a time when guys would want to be free and do whatever they feel like doing.

There are also some opinions that not sharing about the party saves them from a lot of emotional pressure. Opening up some nasty things might cause chaos within the family, so it’s better to keep it in. If you have had a good time, then it’s better to keep it in the memory rather than gloating about it.

Something Serious Must Have Happened

Stag Dos are known to be crazy. Guys might go out of their ways or cross their limits and land into some serious trouble. All these might include hitting someone with a car while drunk driving or might waking up with someone whom you have married without even realizing.

That’s right!

It’s not just the movies, such things happen in real life as well. Keeping it a secret could save your dignity in front of the people you love. It is not easy to get away with serious things, but keeping it a secret might save a lot more than what you have gone through.

Saving Your Reputation

It is your reputation that is on stake when you sign to go out for a bachelor’s party. A stag do does not have a good reputation in the first place, and in that situation, if a person gets into trouble or does something stupid, then it might ruin their reputation. A person’s career, relationship, family and at the worse, their personal identity is at stake.


Make sure to keep the event within the gang so that you don’t face serious trouble later in life. There’s an example of a person who had to face a lawsuit for accidentally bashing up a random stranger. Neighbours and people need something to talk about, so don’t be a topic of that.


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