Having people over for a holiday dinner or a party? Sometimes, though, the number of people who attend your event can outgrow your expectations. That is why it is always important to prepare yourself in advance by ensuring you have everything planned out. The most crucial aspect about organizing an event is ensuring you have the right tent. Here are some options that can help you host your best event.

  1. Chalet Dome

The Chalet Dome is one of the best tents by DeBoer that can make your event unique. This tent is one of the most preferred given its domed roof and versatile base. With this option, you are entirely free when it comes to design and layout. Its versatile aspects allow you to connect the Chalet with other tents and permanent buildings as well, expanding the area for your guests. Moreover, the Chalet Dome gives you the option of deciding what you want it to look. For instance, there is an option of this tent that allows you to use sound-proof walls which are ideal for presentations. In case you are hosting events such as birthday parties or weddings, you can go for a design with PVC side curtain incorporating arched windows.

  1. The Delta

The modular system of the Delta Tent allows it to expand to any desirable size. The distinctive pointed space roof of this tent adds to its appealing look and its ease of assembly makes it one of the most preferred tents. The Delta usually comes with a cassette floor that is suspended, as well as PMC side wall panels, which add to its visual appeal. Just like the Chalet Dome, this tents is also versatile given the fact that it can be adjusted to meet your specific needs. If you like, you may go for one with smoked glass or vertical clear panels, or you may go for the horizontal Vista window panels. These kinds of possible adjustments are what make the vista one of the best tents to use in an event.

  1. Emperor

The name of this tent already insinuates a superior tent. With the Emperor, you can give your event a much prestigious character. Certainly, the combination of glass, aluminum, wood, and curved roof will win over your guests. The flexible nature of the Emperor makes it easier for you to expand the tent – widthwise, lengthwise, and on the inside.  Also, if you are looking to add balconies canopies, and atria, then the Emperor is something you may need to consider.

  1. Galaxy

If you believe that your guests cannot fit into a single tent, then you need to think again. The Galaxy, just as its name suggests, is a massive tent which can utilize space of up to 6,420 square meters. You can use the Galaxy for a myriad of applications including studio work, sound production, catwalk, among others. As a result, this makes the Galaxy the most ideal tent for concerts, events, television productions, and a large theatre.

Final Word

If you are thinking about hosting an event, then you need to consider one or more of the tents mentioned above. Choosing a versatile and flexible tent will give you more room for expansion just in case the number of guests in your event exceeds what was expected.


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