At this time of year, it can be tricky to decide what to wear. After all, it’s not really summer anymore, but it’s not winter yet! This can make it tricky to create a clothing collection that matches what’s going on outside. The good news is that you can simply just hang on to your favourite pieces from the summer for now, while also being on the lookout for similar outfits that are a little more winter-friendly. We’re in what you would call a ‘transitional’ season, with the weather becoming very unpredictable as the seasons change.

So, if you need a little help with outfit inspiration for this awkward time of year, look no further. We have some great dress styles that can solve your problems!

Leopard print dresses

No matter what the weather is doing, leopard print somehow looks great. It’s a trend that will continue to be popular into winter, so investing in it now is a wise move. For this reason, leopard print wholesale dresses are a perfect addition to your wardrobe for the awkward, transitional couple of months we have ahead.

Leopard print, often created in shades of brown and gold, is the perfect match for autumnal fashion. Choose any style of dress; leopard print is so versatile, it will transform even the most summery dress in your collection.

Shirt dresses

Shirt dresses are often made with long sleeves, making them the perfect style for a change in weather. Allowing you to be a little more covered up, shirt dresses can be as casual or dressed up as you make them. A great all-rounder, shirt dresses can take you into autumn and winter effortlessly.

Easy to wear with tights and boots, or brave it with legs out, you can’t go wrong with this style for the transitional weather. Choose scarf prints or stripes for an on trend look, along with colours like burgundy, navy or monochrome for a look that will take you through to next spring.

Sequin dresses

Sequins are often the biggest marker that party season is on its way. They are a great addition to your evening dress collection, adding a little glamour to the darker nights as the weather changes. Look out for baroque-inspired patterns that add glamour to your collection, in shades of emerald green, gold and black.

Sequin dresses are great for year-round wear, making them great even in the transitional periods between seasons. Bodycon and midi dresses should be your go-to choices for the upcoming months.

Wrap dresses

For a style that works no matter what the weather is doing, wrap dresses are an essential for this time of year. Creating a flattering silhouette and a limitless choice of colours and prints, wrap dresses can be worn with tights or without to create your desired look.

Easy to throw on for a number of different occasions, they should be an essential in your repertoire. Look for long sleeved designs and asymmetric hems for an extra visual effect.


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