Now I’m so close to finishing my Masters degree and moving home, I’ve been looking into buying a car. I’m going to have to get one to travel to whatever job I’m going to have. It’s not something I want to pay for, as cars can be so expensive but it is a necessity. 

Now, I know nothing about cars. All I know is that they can cost a fortune and I need to make sure that I buy a good one. I need to look at engine size, how much it costs to run etc. Luckily, my dad knows what he’s doing. I think the plan is to just give him the cash and tell him to choose. I can trust him to get me something safe but also fuel efficient.

I do really love Fiat 500s and I had my heart set on a mustard one but I’ve recently seen a sage green one around Winchester that I love. I don’t think a Fiat 500 will be my first car though, I’ll be too worried about crashing it scratching it. I’ll have to get myself an old banger to start with. One that already has a few scratches on it so I don’t have to worry so much. I haven’t driven since I passed my test three years ago, so I’ll probably be really nervous. I might have to have a few lessons just as a refresher to get me back into the swing of things  

Once I’ve actually chosen a car, I’m going to have to do all of the boring things like sorting it insurance. I’ll also have to make sure it’s taxed and that I have registered the car to me. 

Doing all of this can be hard work if you don’t know what you’re doing. It can be a struggle sometimes, especially when you are looking for a contact number for the DVLA. There’s so many laws you have to abide by when you’re purchasing and registering a car and it can get really confusing. I’m hoping that my dad will be able to sort it all out for me when the time comes!


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