Halloween has always been a popular holiday in the US. Ever since I can remember, I’ve seen it being celebrated in a big way on television. Halloween fever has spread to the UK and Europe and it seems that we are starting to celebrate it just as much as our friends across the ocean. Once October comes around, everyone starts to get spooky and the decorations come out. It’s not just children who are looking forward to Halloween now, it’s the adults too. Whether they’re going trick or treating, having a Halloween party or just decorating their home it’s a holiday that is being enjoyed by all ages.

To help us get in the Halloween spirit (pun intended!) Festive Lights have launched a social media campaign. They have been sharing all sorts on their Facebook page from DIY decor ideas to fun costume ideas. They’ve even created an exciting Halloween Countdown Calendar.

I don’t normally celebrate Halloween, but this year I’m definitely excited about the fun decor that is available in the shops and all of the spooky recipe ideas. I’ve been saving a lot of different ideas on Pinterest and I can’t wait to get baking. I’ve also been looking at some Halloween makeup ideas for a party I am going to.

Here are some of my favourite recipes that I’ve found on Pinterest so far:

Spooky Halloween cocktails – These all sound amazing and so easy to make too!

Little Devils Meringue Cookies – I’ve never tried to make meringue before but I would love to give these a go!

Mummy Pizza Pies – I think these would be great with any sort of filling. You could even make sweet versions!

Brownie Cupcakes – I just love the bright orange cupcake.

With only 19 days to go until Halloween, I think I’d better start deciding which ones I’m going to make! I also still need to decide on a costume.

Have you got much planned for Halloween this year? What are you going to dress up as?


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