If there’s something many people today struggle with, it’s having the confidence to come up with and wear their own personal style. Straying away from the crowd and wearing what you like, not what you think your friends, your boyfriend, or Instagram likes is a big deal. However, when you get the confidence to express your true, authentic self through clothing, you’ll feel alive and love getting dressed in the morning!

Here, we’re going to discuss what it can take to cultivate your own personal style, and how to wear it with confidence!

Start off Small

First of all, start off small. Is there something you’ve always wanted to wear, but you’ve been afraid to? Perhaps you’ve had your eye on a big chunky pair of ‘dad’ trainers, or you really want an outrageous pair of leopard print boots. Whatever it is, see if there’s a way you can incorporate this new item into what you already wear. You don’t have to go from being a plain wallflower with your clothing choices to dressing like Iris Apfel in the space of a day. Take your time with it and build up your confidence this way.

Fake It Until You Make It

Confidence is something you can build by simply faking it. It’s true! That’s why many people have ‘fake it until you make it’ as their mantra. Stand up tall, keep your chin up, and pretend you’re already the person who makes bold style statements each day. However, although you may have to fake your confidence, you probably don’t want to go out buying fake clothing and accessories. Knowing how to diagnose a fake designer watch and other designer goods will stop you from making this mistake.

Make A Collage Or Mood Board

Not even sure where to start? Make a collage or mood board so you can get a feel for the sort of colours and patterns that continuously crop up and go from there. Maybe you’ve saved various pictures of people wearing baker boy hats – go buy one! Maybe nearly every picture you save has the colour red in it – this can be your signature colour!

Take Pictures Of Yourself When You Feel Your Best

When you feel good in your outfit, take pictures. Save these pictures in an album and look back on them when you want style inspiration.

Be Willing To Make Mistakes

It’s absolutely fine to make mistakes. We all do, and that’s how we learn and grow. You have to be willing to make mistakes with your style too, or how else will you learn what doesn’t work for you?

Know Yourself

Finally, know yourself. Know what colours you like and don’t like. The necklines you think suit you the most. The body parts you love to show off. The accessories you think complete and outfit. Keep all of these things in mind when you shop for clothes and get dressed, and you’ll always feel fantastic – on your own terms, of course!


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