Anyone who loves to travel knows very well that it can be exhausting. Some may frown at the idea of needing an extra holiday after the actual holiday, yet it makes a lot of sense to those who want to explore and experience on their time off. Sure, if you sit at home all day when you finally got some time to yourself, you’ll surely be rested when it’s time to get back to work – but you will also miss out on a lot of fun.

Luckily, there are people who have managed to find the recipe on how to balance fun and relaxation while traveling. Even if you feel like you’re mastering this pretty well already, they have some awesome tips you’d still want to try out. Here is a handful of great ideas on how to catch a much-needed break in between all the excitement.

Travel burnout: The symptoms

If you have never experienced travel burnout, you may not even recognise it straight away. For who on earth could ever be tired of traveling? The answer is everyone and particularly those who enjoy traveling solo. When you’ve been on the road for long enough, you might start to miss your familiar surroundings, feel a bit sick and tired of everything being new and seemingly interesting the whole time and you’re, in short, missing your regular routines back home.

Even if you don’t admit it to yourself, it’s easy enough to spot the symptoms; you become irritable and even a bit hostile to your new surroundings. It’s not the best way to greet new and unexplored territory, undoubtedly, so try to remember why you are traveling and give yourself a break once in a while.

Be flexible

Firstly, to avoid pushing yourself too hard, try to stay flexible with your plans. It’s not really necessary to rush off to the next destination all the time, and you should remind yourself to slow down and enjoy the journey. This is actually the number one reason that most people experience travel burnout; they’ve been doing too much, too fast and forgot why they are even doing this, in the first place.

Rather than heading off again on the day you had in mind, take a break and stay another day at the resort or hostel you’re at and explore its surroundings instead. Many places, such as Courtyard Bradenton Sarasota, are located in the middle of everything and you can easily come back for a few hours to relax if it’s all getting a bit too much. Keep this in mind while traveling and you’ll have the right mindset to avoid burning yourself out.

Take time to yourself

It may sound strange that solo travelers need time to themselves, but it makes a lot of sense as we’re constantly meeting strangers and taking in new impressions. If you have a friend with you, the two of you can at least withdraw from the crowd and hang out in peace – but if you’re alone, it’s either everyone or no-one. Remember to take time off from everything and treat yourself by just lounging around in a hammock with a book or something.

It will give you the energy you need to keep going, having fun, and actually appreciating the great adventure you’re on – which is what it’s really all about when you’re on holiday.



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