I don’t know if you’ve heard, but apparently it’s coming home. The whole country seems to have gone World Cup mad. Even the people who don’t usually care about football are watching the matches and singing out on the streets. No wonder everyone is in such high spirits as it has been 52 years since England last won the world cup. This is the furthest they have got in the competition in almost 30 years and it’s all very exciting! Sales of waistcoats and grey mens suits have shot up since Gareth Southgate has been gracing our screens regularly.

Psychologists think that the colour of the shirt that you wear says a lot about you and your personality. This means that the colour that the England team could determine whether they win tonight’s match and the World Cup. It is said that wearing red means that you are dominant and confident..if only England were wearing their away kit tonight. The team will be wearing their home strip which is white, luckily this isn’t too bad as they were wearing it when they defeated Panama and Belgium. Perhaps they will be back to their red shirts for the final?

Are you going to be cheering on England at 7pm tonight? Or do you not care about the World Cup this year? Do you think that the colour that they are wearing will affect their performance? I’m interested to see that yellow has been a lucky colour for Brazil as that is my favourite colour.


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