In the past 10 or 20 years, smoking in the US has gotten more and more restrictive as the voting public has deemed smoking dangerous to your health.  The surgeon general has warning labels all over cigarette packages and the age of buyers is restricted. Whereas before, where there were designated areas for smoking in restaurants and in airplanes, currently it is not allowed.  Even smoking close to a restaurant is getting harder. So, based off of this, it seems as though smoking is becoming less and less socially acceptable. So, what about vape? Vape is the inhale and exhale of vapor that is produced by an electronic cigarette.  The device heats up and vaporizes a liquid juice. It is supposed to be better for you than a cigarette because you are not burning the harmful carcinogens in a cigarette and breathing in the particles into your body.

We will not go into details on whether one is more harmful than the other, but rather the social acceptableness of the vaping.  As it is such a new thing, regulators in the US are working through how to regulate it. There is currently an age restriction on vape and government officials on the local, state, and federal level are taking a closer look.

Currently however, it appears vape is more socially acceptable in public that smoking for these reasons.

  1. Dissipating odor:  Cigarette smoke usually stays in the area a long time and follows the smoker.  In terms of vape, the dissipates quickly, usually in 3-4 seconds. Because of the lingering smells and the already built stigma of cigarette smoke, smoking in public is not very socially acceptable.  For vape, the odor goes away fairly quickly.
  2. Sweet smells:  Cigarette smoke has a very distinct smell to it, the burning of tobacco and other carcinogens.  If you walk down the street behind a smoker, there will undoubtedly be people covering their noses, or trying to protect their babies from smelling the cigarette smoke.  Vapor on the other hand is usually sweet smelling and is often flavored with dessert or fruit blends. These sweet smells stay in the air for a short while along some big clouds.  
  3. No lingering odor:  No matter how long you scrub your hands and rinse your mouth, if you smoke a cigarette, people will know.  With vape, this is not the case. Your hair and clothes do not have the lingering odor of your favorite flavor.

In direct contrast to smoking which indeed has become a social pariah amongst non-smokers, vapers are just starting to feel some social acceptance issues.  Certain states have started establishing rules on vaping. New York for example has included e-cigarettes in their no smoking ban. So, bars, restaurants, offices, and parks are included in the ban.  But outside of those places, you can vape to your hearts desire. The smell of these vape products being less offensive than cigarette smoke and thus have become more socially acceptable than cigarette smoke.  Of course, with the regulations and laws coming down, it remains to be seen if that will be the case. And if you are ever in need of more vape juice, shopst for your vape juice fix.


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