We often lead very busy lifestyles and it can be hard to take time out for ourselves. If you’re one of those people who works full time and is always feeling exhausted, then you will know what I mean. I’m currently stressed out over my university work and feel like I spend most of my life in the library. I need to spend some time relaxing and switching off and here are the best ways to do just that.

Take time off

You don’t have to be busy every weekend. Sometimes it is a good idea to just chill out and relax. You don’t need to make plans, just take each day as it comes. You will feel so much better after relaxing for a couple of days before heading back to work. You don’t need to spend the whole weekend sat at home either. You could go for a nice walk around your local area, or go and sit in a coffee shop with a good book. Maybe just catch up with an old friend. Treat yourself to a mammoth lie in on a Sunday morning and don’t feel guilty about it!

Spend the day in a spa

I’ve been wanting to go to a spa for a long time. The idea of a massage and lots of pampering just sounds ideal to me. I think I would definitely benefit if I just planned to relax with friends on a spa weekend. The thought of spending the weekend surrounded by beautiful countryside is reason enough by itself to go. The fact that I could spend hours being pampered and relaxing is also a big reason as to why I want to visit a spa. I would love to spend a couple of hours chilling out in a swimming pool and a jacuzzi before being treated to a fully body massage and maybe a facial. I think I would feel so chilled out after the weekend that I would have no more worries. How amazing does that sound? I also like the idea of a body scrub and a mud chamber. We often forget to focus on looking after the skin on our bodies and pay so much attention to our face. Imagine coming out of the spa feeling completely relaxed, worry free, silky smooth and moisturised all over. That would be the perfect way to prepare you for the working week!

See your friends

We often spend so long working and rushing about that we forget about our friends and family. Friends are really important, so make sure you set aside some time at the weekend to see them. You could arrange for a BBQ in your garden if you know that the weather is going to be nice, or you could just go and meet them for a shopping trip. Maybe just a coffee in your local coffee shop. Anything that gets you socialising will be a great way for you to switch off from the worries of work.




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