A company consists of a large number of employees with different talents and skills. Differently talented and skilled employees are brought together to complete various projects, according to the requirements of the client. When there is teamwork, there should be some kind of understanding and co-operation among the group members. Only then they can come to one conclusion and work together towards one goal. So, for all this to happen successfully, discussions are often to happen. Then, don’t you think those discussions are very important? If yes, don’t you think the place where they discuss also affects them? Not just that, even the place where clients are called for the meeting also affects the projects.

If there is an open space inside the office campus then use it for meetings. Open spaces are basically good for any kind of activities, be it group discussions or client meeting. Fresh air and some natural additions to the seating place creates a lively and relaxing environment. It increases enthusiasm and brings life to the corporate meetings. In fact, meetings become more interesting and exciting.

Setting up an outdoor seating for commercial places like offices is definitely a great art. If you are thinking of perfecting that art then take a look at the tips below. These ideas help you in understanding how to set up an outdoor seating for offices.

So, here we go with the tips on how to perfect the art of setting outdoor seating for offices:

Inexpensive or natural outdoor furniture

Do not invest in expensive designer outdoor furniture. They initially cost you the huge amount and later requires more investment in their maintenance. Make your budget on outdoor furniture limited. Creating a recycling project for employees on weekend can be a refreshing and a beneficial activity to build a handmade natural outdoor furniture. It will also look like you encourage your employees in extra-curricular activities.

Planning is an important tool while taking help of employees, in building furniture. Let them use raw materials like old wood, large rocks and varieties of metals. All you need to take care is the goggles and gloves for safety and materials like glue and paints. These items need some investment but can be bought with less amount. These days, it is easy to build beautiful furniture as there are many videos and websites regarding making furniture.

Boxwood hedges or hedge bushes

If are bored with the concrete walls and want something more interesting to create division in the exterior space, then hedges the best choice. There are boxwood hedges which are customized according to the requirement of the exterior design. The outdoor furniture in front of those boxwood hedges would make the environment lively and fresh looking.

Hedge bushes are also available in the market and they help in creating backdrop or privacy for the outdoor seating place. Privacy hedges are well known for replacing walls. Hedge bushes and boxwood hedges are available in various shapes and sizes, hence they fit easily anywhere required. There are other popular hedges like azalea, juniper, ivy, pearl grass and many more.

Artificial topiary trees

Round, cone, spherical and other traditional shaped artificial topiary trees are always on the list of exterior decors. They are traditional welcome decors at the entrance. As the technology has improved, synthetic topiaries now can be shaped into anything that it is demanded to get shaped into. They are used for forming the logos and symbols of the companies in the outdoor extension of the company campus.

There are also artificial boxwood and animal topiary which are more popular due to their nature of fitting any place. Instead of statues or flower vases, use artificial animal or form topiary trees. They are trendy and makes the outdoor seat arrangement look complete.

Mats and rolls

It is an old tradition to have mats and rolls near seating and table. Earlier various colorful mats and rolls were used for making the seating table area look classic but now they are old-fashioned. They cannot be used in offices, for sure. If used, it looks unprofessional.

There are green mats and rolls which are trending the interior and exterior décor market. They are just like normal usual mats and rolls with artificial greenery added to them. They are easy to be installed as they are in layer form. They can be used for various purposes and are available in various varieties like indoor and outdoor mat rolls, temporary or permanent mat rolls and multiple or one-time use mat rolls.

Green walls and roofs

Green walls and roofs are working miraculously in increasing the productivity of the company as well in attracting new clients. Brains work better amid of nature because nature is relaxing and rejuvenating. Artificial green walls, unlike natural green walls, are easy to install and maintain. They can be created with the help of green screens or mats or rolls or even combination of them will help. Combine a variety of green walls to form unique designs.

Green roofs are easy to create the outdoor seating and table. Artificial climbers and creeper plants help in forming the green roof. They provide good shade during summer season and shelter during the rainy season. This keeps the on-going discussions, works or meetings undisturbed due to any natural calamities. Even lightings are a good idea for roofs. They are very useful during evening and night. They also give a beautiful look to the outdoor seating. Be careful with the weight the roof can withstand before adding lightings.


So, this is how it is to perfect the art of setting outdoor seating for offices. It is easy, simple but needs creativity and some sense of arrangement. Some trials on a good combination of inexpensive artificial exterior and interior products create varieties of beautiful and lively outdoor seating for offices. It is the only way to master this art of arranging exterior seating for commercial places without much investment.



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  1. May 12, 2018 / 8:40 am

    This is a cool concept to bring the outside in
    Everyone loves the feeling of being free and being stuck inside offices can really dampen your spirit
    Thanks for these ideas
    Debs @ https://tiger-mint.com

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