Did you know that procrastination costs businesses approximately £76 billion each year? Whether you’re still in school, at college or university or you’re working, you’ll definitely have experienced procrastination at some point. Procrastinating is a key reason we don’t learn to the best of our ability as well.

One way to make sure we focus on the task at hand is to optimise your space. If you’re in the wrong sort of environment then you won’t be able to concentrate to get on with your work. Too many distractions can be a hinderance to you.

Here, we look at the best ways to optimise your learning space:

Make it personal

It may sound obvious, but a few home comforts and personal touches can go a long way to increasing your productivity levels. When I used to work in an office job, I learnt that having a few home comforts on my desk really helped my productivity levels. A pretty notepad and a photo of my cat would really make me feel a lot more comfortable.

Add greenery

Studies have shown that greenery in your workspace can offer a host of benefits. Flowering plants are great ways to increase our concentration levels and lower the sensation of stress. On my desk at university, I had a nice aloe vera plant and a few cacti. I really liked having them around as it made the whole space feel more homely. Both of them didn’t take much looking after either.

Let there be light

Nowadays, a lot of our working or studying is conducted on a computer. Natural light is an amazing way to counteract any effects of sitting in front of an artificially-lit computer screen. If you can, make sure you are sitting next to a window – the light may not be great on your computer screen but having some natural light will really increase your energy levels. It is also known to enhance our mood by increasing our happiness. This is because natural sunlight is a great source of vitamin D. Without this, some people experience seasonal affective disorder. By being exposed to natural sunlight, you will also have a sense of contentment thanks to the production of vitamin D.  I definitely didn’t know that before!

Stay organised

Clutter is a major downfall if you’re trying to be productive. I know I’m terrible for cluttering up my desk and my work space. It’s not a coincidence that a clear desk can represent a clear mind. By ensuring that your workspace is free of unnecessary distractions, you are more likely to remain focused on the task at hand. You can do this by having a bin within reach, setting up a physical inbox for your papers, and scheduling regular cleaning times.


Be colourful

You may not realise it, but the colour of your space can make a big difference. Red has been linked to boost how alert we are. It’s looked upon as the ‘colour of passion’. Elsewhere, blue can help us generate ideas and keeps us focused on the task at hand, while green helps avoid eye fatigue and stay efficient.  If you were looking to keep stress levels to a minimum, you should look to include white or beige as this can have a calming effect. I like to keep colourful items around me such as my colourful notepads and pens.



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