Are you fed up with your home kitchen that looks dull and boring? Do you want to make the kitchen a better and livelier place to work at? Well, now you can! There are several nips and tucks that you can now incorporate that can make your kitchen décor much more lively and cheerful and a much better space to cook in. We have put together a list of these ideas today to help you transform your kitchen into a fabulous space. Here’s everything you need to know:

Paint One Of The Kitchen Walls Yourself

If you have a little bit of artistic talent in you, or you have a friend who’s an artist, you can get one of the kitchen walls hand painted. Make a beautiful painting of a nature scene, or get cartoon caricatures painted on your wall. You can even go in for a pretty and colorful abstract painting. This will add a lot of color and vibrancy to your otherwise dull and boring kitchen.

Get Rid Of The Old Cabinets And Replace Them With Open Shelves

If you had old and worn out wooden cabinets in your kitchen, maybe it’s time you got rid of them. Not only do cabinets make the area feel more cramped but they have also become a tad out of style. You can replace your old wooden cabinets with open shelves. All your cups and plates and utensils can be stacked neatly on these shelves. Open shelves will give your kitchen a more spacious and roomy feel, and a spacious place is always easier and more convenient area to work in as opposed to a cramped space.

Add Some Green To Your Kitchen

Nature always makes everything a little more beautiful. You can add plants and trees to your kitchen to give it a more lively vibe and enhance the character of the area. If you don’t have the time to maintain real plants, you can opt for faux plants and trees. You can decorate your kitchen walls with plastic ivy leaves to the five your kitchen an outdoorsy and mystical feel. Your kitchen countertop can be decorated with faux flower arrangements in crystal vases. If you have an extremely spacious kitchen with a high ceiling, you can install large artificial trees in the corners of your kitchen. Plastic plants for garden use can also be used inside your kitchen to give the space greener and natural feel.

Add Miniature Portuguese Tiles To The Pillars Of Your Kitchen

If your kitchen has structural pillars inside it, you can decorate these pillars brightly and colorfully. Nowadays, you get beautiful miniature Portuguese tiles. These tiles have a wide range of vibrant and colorful patterns and styles and designs on them. You can put four different kinds of Portuguese tiles horizontally across the pillar and continue the same pattern vertically. Not only will it hide the ugliness of the pillar but it will give your kitchen a very Mediterranean vibe.

Change The Hardware In Your Kitchen

If the hardware in your kitchen has become old and worn out, changing it would make the kitchen a better place to work in. You can put new taps, faucets, and handles on your cabinets. You can get some beautifully and intricately carved thick taps and handles on several online décor portals. If you want to give your kitchen a slightly ethnic feel, you can get Indian style carved brass handles too. Make sure that all the handles, faucets and taps are of one color or material. Putting chrome plated taps and brass handlebars will make your kitchen look extremely odd.

Install Fun And Unique Lights In The Space

Plain old socket bulb lights can be very boring and dull. You can install unique and charming lights around your kitchen to make it a better place to work in. A lot of people now opt for bohemian style rice string lights. These lights are available in several different colors. You can probably mix and match different colors of these lights. Lilac and blue or red and green string rice lights look great together. You can also get rope lights for your ceiling, mosaic wall lamps for the walls and so on.

An Island Table Maybe In Order

If you have a very large and spacious kitchen, installing an island table in the center of your kitchen may just be a great idea. You can install a beautiful white marble island table. You can complete all your cutting and chopping of vegetables on this table. This table can also be used to sit around when you’re having your breakfast or just having an evening cup of tea or coffee.

Change The Kitchen Flooring

Are you bored and fed up with looking at your boring wooden flooring in your kitchen? Maybe it’s time you changed the kitchen flooring. You can install alternate black and white ceramic tiles in the kitchen, or you can install raw brick or slate tiles in the space. If you want to keep your wooden flooring as is, you can have it painted in a vibrant and unique color by a professional. A lot of people are opting for turquoise blue or seafoam green paint for their wooden flooring in the kitchen.

Transforming your kitchen is simple and easy. You just need to be a little creative in your thinking and carefully and practically bring about some changes. You can follow the ideas that we have for you and tweak them a little as per the space available in your kitchen or as per your already existing décor.

Have you always dreamed of having a kitchen that leaves visitors and guests absolutely awed? All you need to do is incorporate some of the fun and creative suggestions that we have for you. These suggestions will transform your kitchen and make it a much more fabulous and stunning place to work in.



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