Underwear can be a very empowering, confidence-boosting part of your outfit; even if no one else sees it! Whether it’s a matching set, a beautiful colour or a playful bit of lace, finding the right underwear can set you off in a great mood for the day ahead! With so much choice out there in the world of women’s lingerie, it can be difficult to know where to start! The styles, colours and fabrics are endless.

It doesn’t matter what body shape you are; there’s a perfect style of underwear for you. The truth is, wear your lingerie with confidence and you can pull off almost any style!

However, if you want to really accentuate your curves, show off your bum or just make sure you look your best self, there may be some styles that will suit you better than others. Women’s knickers and bras can do wonders for your figure; the only challenge is choosing your favourite!

Choose your favourite style

There are so many different styles of women’s knickers and bras; where do you start? First of all; the bottom half. Do you prefer the full coverage offered by a pair of briefs, or are you more comfortable in a thong or G-string style?

Briefs are perfect for everyday wear and come in a variety of designs, including high leg and high waisted for an even more flattering appearance. They might be the simplest of knickers, but they don’t have to be boring! High waisted briefs in particular can elongate the appearance of your legs, which in turn will make you look slimmer; always a handy tip to remember.

You may also want to consider embellishments on your knickers; they can do so much more than just add a visual effect. Adding ruffles on your briefs can give the appearance of hips, which is great if you have more of a straight figure and want to create some feminine curves.

Thongs and G-string styles are great for reducing the visibility of knicker lines, so keep these in mind for when you’re wearing a bodycon dress or other similar outfit! They are also great for revealing your cheeky side if the opportunity presents itself.

When it comes to your choice of bra, the style can very much depend on your figure. If you have a larger bust, make sure you choose a bra with some structure to provide support which will maintain your figure. Bandeau bras are particularly great at widening your upper torso, which can be helpful if you’re hoping to look a little more proportional. A popular style at the moment is the bralette, which is incredibly attractive and will fill out your shape more. Should you wish to maximise your assets, padded bras are a perfect choice, giving you a subtle boost.

Choose your favourite colour

We often choose the colour of our underwear for practical reasons; for example, avoiding a black bra showing through a white top. However, you can experiment with different colours and branch out to include your favourites!

Black is the classic, go-to colour for lingerie, but it can also have slimming qualities. Black underwear looks great in all light, and can be dressed up or down however you like with other accessories. However, if you want a bolder colour, why not choose red? Symbolic of passion and love, red is also a great shade for showing off your curves. Wearing red underwear can make you instantly more confident in yourself thanks to its vibrant colour.

Softer shades like light pink and blue can really show off your femininity, with blush colour underwear suiting a variety of skin tones and creating an understated yet romantic look.

Remember; flaunt what you’ve got and make the most of it in your favourite set of women’s underwear!



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