There’s no doubt about it, space is at a premium these days. Apartments are getting smaller, and with sustainable living becoming an important part of our everyday lives, many people are actually choosing to live in simpler, and often tinier spaces.

And as much pride as you may take in your small-scale living, nobody deserves to feel like they’re living in a shoe box. Luckily, there are plenty of stylish, and affordable ways to make your space seem bigger and more open than it actually is. Follow these tips and I promise, you’ll forget all about your square footage.

Keep Furniture At A Minimum

Living tiny means not having a lot of stuff. That means keeping clutter down, and avoiding big pieces of furniture. A small bedroom looks smaller if the only thing you can fit in it is a queen sized bed.

Filling your studio space with an area rug can help you section off spaces, but if you’re choosing extra large area rugs in a small space, it will swallow the floor, making the room look cramped. So choose the smaller bed, and a few smaller rugs. It’ll add flow. It also give you room to be versatile in your style choices. But most importantly, it will make the room seem larger.

Transparent Furniture

A glass topped table or end tables creates the illusion of space. Transparent objects show more of the space around them, so they seem less substantial and solid than hardwoods or leather. Furniture you can see through provides a modern, stylish look. And it helps you maximize space by pure optical illusion!

Use Mirrors to Double Your Space

Speaking of optical illusion, try mirrors! Many modern small apartment use mirrored glass doors on closets and bedrooms to create a sense of space. And it works. Add mirrors to your decor, and you can give the sense that your space is much bigger.

Placing something decorative, like a flower vase, or a throw pillow, near a mirror, can double the effect. Angle it to catch the light, or reflect a gorgeous view, and get even more benefits from having mirrors around your home.

Keep It Light

Light walls and floors make a space seem bigger. Using light tones in your furniture and decor also helps. Light colors, like pastel blues, greens, and yellows, reflect light. The more light exposure, the more open your space will feel. Stay away from strong, dark colors in your furniture and decor, and your home will feel airy and open.

Hang it Up

Extra storage space is always a plus when your living space is small. To avoid feeling too cluttered, look for storage units you can use that are off the floor. Instead of floor to ceiling bookshelves, try installing built-in shelving a few inches off the floor.

Hanging storage solutions are very affordable, and easy to install in a closet, to save space. Keeping your storage solutions off the floor is a great way to feel like you’ve still got plenty of space to move around.

Choose A Focal Point

Cluttering up the walls with too much art, or too many photos, can make the walls feel like they’re closing in. Instead, build a photo wall on one wall, setting your favorite prints or personal photos at different heights, and creating a beautiful focal point that will draw the eye. You keep your personal touches, but the space still has that open, minimalist feel to it.

Whether you’re downsizing, or circumstances mean you’re living small for now, there’s no need to compromise comfort. With a few simple design pointers, you can help any space feel bigger. No matter the size, your home should feel open, warm and welcoming.


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