Does a 9-to-5 job sound boring? Would you rather spend your nights on the stage entertaining cheering crowds? If so, it sounds like a career in musical theatre is certainly one worth considering. The great news is that there are a lot of excellent theatre schools in the United Kingdom that can help you to achieve your dream. In this blog post, we will provide you with all of the information you need to know about finding the best schools and the benefits you will gain by embarking on one of the available musical theatre courses.

The low-down on musical theatre degrees

So, let’s begin by digging a bit deeper into musical theatre degrees and courses – what they are and why they are worth considering? Essentially, if you opt to take one of these courses, you are going to be trained in the three main areas of musical theatre – dance, acting, and singing. This is significant because you are diversifying your skill set and so you are setting yourself up for an incredible future. The worst thing you can do when it comes to education is limit yourself. Indeed, there are courses that go above and beyond this, offering teaching in everything from costume to stage production. So, this is something you will want to bear in mind.

Why is a career in musical theatre a good choice?

There are lots of benefits to be gained by opting to choose this career path. As mentioned, you are opening yourself to many doors of opportunities. Moreover, it is worth considering the fact that theatre has long been a popular form of entertainment and is still very well-liked today. Therefore, you know the demand is there and is always likely to be. We are never going to see the day whereby people do not want to be entertained by music, dance, and acting! There are many benefits you will gain as a person as well – such as self-confidence, great poise, and discipline and so on and so forth.

Musical theatre also gives you the opportunity to meet exciting people and go to exciting events, like award shows and red carpet occasions. There are some people that have also made the transition from the stage to Hollywood. There are also many travel opportunities for those who carve a successful career for themselves. You never know, you could end up on Broadway!

Choosing the right degree for you

This is an industry that is definitely flourishing at the moment and everyone wants to be a part of it. Because of this, there have been a lot of new musical theatre courses pop up across the UK over the past few years. This is good because it provides you with more choice for your future. Nonetheless, it also makes it more difficult, as it is tough to know what course to go for. So, what are the different things that you need to consider?

When it comes to any type of learning, most people will agree that one of the most important things you need to assess is the tutors teaching on the course you are considering. Many people underestimate how important this is. Nevertheless, these individuals are going to be responsible for your training, and so they hold a significant part of your future in their hands. Look out for tutors with vast experience in the industry and a good record for teaching as well. The school you select may be impressive, but this doesn’t necessarily mean your course will be. This is why you have to assess every detail thoroughly.

Nevertheless, the theatre school as a whole needs careful contemplation too. After all, if you go to a school that is held in a high regard, this is going to reflect positively on you. It is advisable to seek a school that has been open for a few years, to say the least. You should never opt for a theatre school that is in its early stages, as it will still be finding its feet and you don’t want to be part of the teething problems. Moreover, you should also make the effort to read reviews that have been left by previous students as well. This is the best way to get an insight into the level of quality offered by the school and what you can expect on your course as well.

Of course, you have all of the practical elements to keep in mind too. How easy will it be for you to travel to and from the institute every day? How many years does the course run for? Are there affordable options for student lettings nearby? Check out to see whether there have been any good success stories from the courses too.

When selecting the right course for you, there is a lot to consider. All musical theatre courses should cover the three core skills – acting, singing, and dancing. Nonetheless, there are those that are much more in-depth than others. You may have a set vision or goal for the future, but it is all about opting for a course that is going to open as many doors as possible. After all, nothing is a certainty.

Let’s not ignore the eligibility criteria either. This is going to have a direct impact on the course you choose. A lot of people prefer to opt for a course that determines whether they will be accepted via an audition process. By doing this, you know you are getting picked based on your ability and this is always a good starting point for future development.

So there you have it: everything you need to know about kick-starting your career in musical theatre. Will we see you on the West End soon? Until then, you could have a look for some cheap vinyl records and listen to your favourite musicals!


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