I absolutely love visiting Christmas markets. Every year I make sure to visit my favourite two in Birmingham and Winchester. This year I have been lucky enough to also visit the markets in York, Lincoln, Leeds and Prague. I would love to visit more Christmas markets across Europe next year. With Jet2 City Breaks, you can book yourself a European city break and get to see the markets for yourself. As I wasn’t able to visit any more of these Christmas markets, Jet2 sent me a great hamper so I could enjoy my favourite things about European Christmas markets in my own home.

Everything that was in the hamper is what you would expect to find at a real European Christmas market. From cute little wooden nutcracker decorations, to festive gingerbread to Gluhwein cups. It’s exactly what you would expect to find at a Christmas market in Berlin, Munich or Krakow.

One of my favourite things about visiting a Christmas market is having a festive hot chocolate. I usually go for a Baileys one topped with cream. At Birmingham’s Christmas market, you pay a deposit for your cup and you can choose to keep it or to get your deposit back. In the hamper, there were two lovely Gluhwein cups and a luxury hot chocolate. I have used these to make hot chocolates for myself and my dad and I made sure to add cream and marshmallows!

As well as the hot chocolate, there was also some spices to use to make mulled wine. I’m not a fan of mulled wine, however I know my parents will enjoy making this and having it on Christmas day so I will be passing it along to them. The mince pies inside the hamper will also be snatched up by them!

There were also quite a lot of items to make my home feel festive. I absolutely love the scent of the Lily Flame candle in Christmas Spice. We were almost at the end of the one from last year, so I was really excited to see this in the box. It gives off such a lovely scent of cinnamon and other festive spices. I put up the copper string fairy lights in my room and they made it look so pretty – I will probably be keeping these up year round!

I was also pleased to see an advent calendar in there – I didn’t manage to get one myself this year, so now I have one! We also have a couple of crackers to use on Christmas day. I also love the hot water bottle that was in the hamper. I’m not very good in the cold weather (pray for me when I go to Berlin next month!) so I have been sleeping with at least one hot water bottle for the last month or so!

I’ve got a lot of travel plans for next year already, but I don’t have anything booked. I will definitely be heading over to Jet 2 to book my city breaks when I have decided when and where I am going! Rome is high on the list.


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