I’ve been living in my boots for the past few months but now the weather is finally getting a bit nicer, I want to change that. If the rain holds off and we actually get the promised heatwave this weekend, then boots are not going to be suitable. I’ve been looking for some trainers to see me through the next few months, however they are usually quite expensive. There’s also so much choice online and it can be hard to narrow it down to a pair! 

I’ve been looking into getting a pair of Adidas trainers as I’ve heard that they’re really comfortable. Luckily, I’ve found a website which lists the best offers and voucher codes that are online at the moment. Latest Deals is the place to look if you are wanting to buy something online. There’s nothing worse than buying something and then realising you could have got it cheaper! I always make sure I search for an offer or voucher code before buying online. I’ve always been the same way! If I can’t get student discount somewhere, I’ll search for another way to get a bit of a saving.

I’ve had a look online and I’ve managed to pick four pairs of trainers out. I’m really drawn to the classic white ones, but I would also love a pink pair for the spring! It’s hard to choose which ones I want to go for, but I have narrowed it down at least. The four styles that I have picked are quite similar and I think that they would go with almost any outfit. They’d definitely look good with skinny jeans, which is what I wear most of the time. At the moment, I’m leaning more towards the white Superstars (bottom right) as they will go with more outfits. I’ve also wanted to get these trainers for a couple of years, so it would make sense.

Luckily, I found a code on Latest Deals for 15% off Adidas so maybe I could treat myself to two pairs?

Which pair do you like best? What sort of shoes will you be wearing this spring?


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