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It’s been just over five years since I was in a horrible car accident that left me bruised and shaken. I was in a lot of pain for a long time and I was also affected mentally. Since then, I’ve been so cautious about who I get in a car with and it took me very long time to pass my driving test as well, as I was so nervous. Most of my friends and family are great drivers, but sometimes I do worry. It’s not always the driver’s fault, it could be other cars on the road that scare me. Thanks to the accident, I’m very aware about car safety. 

Obviously, car safety is very important to me. Here are some tips everyone should follow.

  • Always wear your seatbelt – this is important whether you’re the driver or a passenger.
  • Never drink and drive – some people think they’re better drivers when drunk, but it’s not true. Make sure you never get in the car with someone who’s under the influence.
  • Never drive tired – it’s important to take regular breaks when going on a long drive. Whether that’s to get some food, or just stretch your legs around a service station, you should stop every two hours or so. It’s also a good idea to share the driving if there’s more than one of you.
  • Always focus on driving – make sure your eyes are always on the road. Don’t use mobile phones or start fiddling with your sat nav. As well as getting points on your licence, you’re putting lives in danger.
  • Make sure your car is safe to drive – It’s illegal and dangerous to drive without a valid MOT in the UK. If you want to look for a new vehicle, check out to compare models.

Do you have anymore tips for car safety?


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