Simply getting “enough” portable toilets for your event, to meet your legal obligations is unlikely to win visitors over these days, especially if your guesswork leads to long queues, overflowing loos and some very unhappy event guests and staff.

People are far more aware of their rights these days, and at any kind of event, they want to be well looked after; especially if they’ve parted with hard earned cash to buy a ticket for your event!

Importantly though, good event facilities management is not just about the toilets. There are other portable structures and services you need to plan to make sure your event runs smoothly.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that getting this right, can make or break your event. Whether it’s a community fete or a major music festival, a national sports fixture or a family wedding, the last thing you need is unhappy guests, staff who can’t work and VIPs who don’t feel very important!

Planning welfare facilities

It all starts with careful consideration of what you actually legally need, and what you can add to that to make your event success more assured.

This is where the help of a responsive and experienced contractor helps. Someone to give you good advice on where to site your welfare facilities, and what type of portable units best suit your particular event.

There’s a lot of detail to pin down. They can draw on their knowledge to help you get it all clear. For example, when can the welfare facilities go on site? Is the access clear? Does the ground and general terrain restrict where you can place portable welfare units? A reputable hire solutions company will help create a layout that matches your needs in a practical and affordable way.

Your shopping list of welfare facilities

Which portable units you put into that careful configuration depends on the size and type of your event, of course.

The essential units are portable toilets. However, you may want to have single mobile toilets dotted around or specific clusters of portable toilets. Consider booking trailers which contain six cubicles, or men’s urinals, to save on space and keep queues manageable.

If you want your event guests to sing your praises afterwards, or you have staff and artists to look after, self-contained hot wash toilet units are cost effective. If you can’t stretch to putting them throughout the site, some event managers book them just for staff and VIPs, or even as a chargeable extra for willing ticket holders.

Your shopping list of event welfare facilities also needs to include work and storage spaces, not least for unpredictable weather conditions.

Mobile offices can be used for a variety of purposes, and of course, you could also book out break room units for staff and VIPs. Offering a comfortable portable unit with a microwave, kettle and seating keeps them happy and motivated.

Also to support your team in doing their job well, think about providing a mobile shower unit, as well as hot wash facilities. These can also make your campground far more attractive for event ticket holders.

Event welfare services

Having enough welfare facilities – at the right standard – is only half the job. You also need to be sure they’re supported to the right level. This means portable toilet septic tanks that are emptied and units that are restocked regularly!

However, that relies on a degree of flexibility from your contractor. Can they make unscheduled site visits when you have problems with event toilets, such as emergency clean ups or unexpected high demand?

Find a contractor who can respond quickly if you need to re-site facilities, or add more portable toilets for example.

Another thing to consider for proper management of event facilities is sufficient power! If there is no local source available, talk to your contractor about generator sizes and types, to get enough uninterrupted electricity to keep your event on track.


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