With the snow officially upon us, everyone goes into a mad frenzy about how Christmassy it is. Which it is, it is one of the most wonderful times where you can walk around with your family or partner surrounded by snow and happiness. But, just like with any UK weather than isn’t rain, it doesn’t last very long. Before we know it the snow will be melted away, leaving us longing for that Christmas feeling again. Whilst the UK doesn’t offer much snow, it does have some amazing breaks that you can take that’ll really give you that winter Christmas feeling. Read on to find out a little more.


For some of you, it might be right on your doorstep, for others it’s at the other side of the country and can seem like one hell of a journey. But if you take the train instead of driving, you’ll be there before you know it. Plus, if there’s one good thing about Scotland it’s that it definitely will have some snow for you. Scotland experiences some of the worst snow. For them, a nightmare, for others, a wonder. The sights Scotland has to offer are also amazing. There’s so much to see and do there, you’ll always be left wanting to go back for more, especially at winter. There are some wonderful lodges that’ll give you that romantic feel to any winter break, especially if you get yourself one with a hot tub.


London is one of the best places to feel that Christmas vibe. If you walk through central London, you’ll have one of the best times of your life, as well as feel that Christmas cheer. If you’re going there, you definitely need to visit the Winter Wonderland market. It is full of amazing things to do, either for couples, or for families. You’ll have such an amazing time there. There’s plenty of places to stay as well. Hotels in West London aren’t that expensive, and there’s easy access to tubes that’ll take you into the center. They’re going to be much cheaper than actually stopping in the center itself. If you are stopping in outer London, be sure to have an explore of the are as well, there’s more to London than just the center that everyone flocks for.


Everyone knows Chester for being the place to go for shopping. We’ve all had a cheeky mooch around the shopping outlet once or twice in our life. But at Christmas time the area really does turn magical. There’s a German market that easily rivals Birmingham’s one, and there’s always something to do for everyone. Not far away you having Chessington World Of Adventure for the kids. Or if you’re choosing to go for a romantic break there’s spa days that rival those from around the country. Plus, the scenery is really lovely in some parts, especially the ones where the spas are situated.

So, you don’t really have to travel that far to have a winter break. It doesn’t necessarily have to be snowing, you just need that good Christmas vibe and good company to have a good time.


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  1. December 13, 2017 / 6:59 am

    I love London but I’d love to go to Scotland one day, and even though it’s probably a pain for the people there I’d love to be there when it snows as well!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

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