Men are notoriously hard to buy for, especially for Valentines Day. Everything in the shops that’s Valentines themed seems to be aimed at women, so it can be really hard choosing something for your man. I’ve always been exceptionally rubbish at buying presents for Valentines Day. I remember getting it right one year with a custom made notebook with an illustration on from one of his favourite comic book artists but there have been a few disasters.

One year, I’d only been with the guy ‘officially’ for 9 days, so I bought him a light shade and six cans of strongbow. Proper romantic. I didn’t hear the end of that for the rest of the relationship. Last time I was in a relationship for Valentines Day was 2016. This time we’d been ‘official’ for 6 days and I’d already booked a trip away, so I spent Valentines Day in Germany by myself. I had a great time exploring Cologne actually, but it meant I got away with not buying anything.

If you’re struggling with buying something for your man this year, I have a few suggestions that are actually practical and not at all cheesy. Not everyone wants all of that lovey-dovey stuff that’s taken over the shops at the moment. It’s better off to buy something that he will actually appreciate for a lot longer and get a lot more use out of it. Some pyjamas are a good idea – men never seem to have decent pyjamas! Or you could update his wardrobe for him a bit, River Island tops are always a good shout as are trainers.

If your man is a bit of a geek, you could get him something related to his favourite fandom. I picked something from Game of Thrones here – I have no idea what it is as I’ve never read the books or watched the tv show, but it looks pretty cool. You could also try something techy like this turntable – then you can just buy him records for every other occasion – it’s like the male version of Pandora! There’s also options to get Cheap Vinyl UK.

What have you bought for Valentine’s Day?


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