Planning to travel the open road in a campervan is such an exciting process, with so many beautiful places to explore and fun activities to take part in, but before you get stuck in to the fun parts, there are a few essential things to remember and consider before you head out on your journey…

Plenty of Planning

As with any trip, there is all kinds of planning to be done in order to ensure your campervan adventure is an amazing one. Failure to plan will result in your potentially missing out on exciting opportunities, which isn’t ideal when you want to make the most out of your trip. Planning ahead doesn’t mean you have to take the thrill and excitement out of being on the open road and ready for some exploring, it simply means you’ll have a basic plan, in case something goes wrong or doesn’t turn out to be what you expected. One of the main reasons planning is a huge benefit to any trip, especially campervan road trips, is to ensure you’re beating, or at least aware of, the traffic. For example, summer can be a very busy time in many tourist areas, so you may find that planning your trip with dates and times in mind will help you figure out what time is best to visit certain places to avoid that mad rush!

Do I Rent or Buy?

Many people love to travel and find the time to fit at least a long weekend of road tripping into every month, which in this case would make buying a campervan very worth it. For those who only intend to dedicate two or three weeks a year to travelling via camper, you may find that renting is the best option for you. Whilst campervans are ideal for creating your own little home from home and making the space personal to you, it may not be worth the money you have to pay if you’re not using it frequently throughout the year. There are some gorgeous campervans available to rent throughout the UK that have are available through some great quality companies, who strive to ensure you’re getting the very best for their money, so you can rest assured that renting is just as special as buying.

Set Budgets Before

It’s so scarily easy to go a little overboard when you head out on a road trip, especially when it comes to trivial things such as food and drinks. Whilst it’s really important to ensure you have plenty to eat and drink onboard, it’s not always necessary to stock up for a months’ worth when you’re only travelling for a week. Sit down before you go on your travels and try to set yourself a budget for the duration of the trip. It’s important to set certain costs to each area such as food, drink, fuel, activities and so on, as you can often end up overspending on one thing and not having enough for the other. This will also ensure you know exactly how much you need to take with you, which is always a struggle when the time comes! Budgeting will make your campervan trip 10x easier, so it’s a huge must beforehand.

Travelling with Children

There’s nothing quite as special as travelling the open road with your family and creating wonderful new memories, but there are some key things to remember when travelling in a campervan with little ones. It’s really important to make sure your camper is child proofed, as many VW T5 accessories may have safety features, others may not. This is dependent on your children’s ages, as there can often be some hazards that you don’t want to ruin your trip. You also need to prepare for boredom, whilst gazing out of the window and taking in the gorgeous surroundings is fun for us adults, little ones may get a little bored and need some distractions. Make sure you pack plenty of toys, games and activities for them to keep busy throughout the travelling periods. Similarly, you may want to pack some home comforts, as this will help your child to sleep better as they are in an unfamiliar place and may take a little time to settle.

Where to Go

We’re surrounded by gorgeous places everywhere we go, so choosing where to travel in your camper can be a challenge in itself. Think about where you love to go, what interests you and, of course, where is practical and set off on your adventure! The beauty of travelling in a campervan is that you get to see everything about a place, with the freedom to go as far as you wish at any time. Whether you’re travelling around the UK in beautiful spots such as Cornwall, or your hitting the USA and taking the classic routes from state to state, you can really experience some stunning locations. The best thing to do is to plan out where you’d love to go, see what else is close by and travel around the whole area!


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