While I’m still studying for my Masters degree, I can’t really make a lot of plans to travel the world. I only have the Easter break available to go away somewhere for longer than a weekend until I finally hand my dissertation in in September. I’ve been lucky enough to go on a few great trips this year, including two trips to mainland Spain where it was so gloriously hot and I would love to do something similar in 2018.

So far in my Easter break, I’ve planned to to four cities in four different countries:

  • Krakow, Poland
  • Vienna, Austria,
  • Bratislava, Slovakia,
  • Budapest, Hungary

I’ve managed to book some hostels and am planning to do this as cheaply as I possibly can by using trains and coaches. There’s a lot of history in each of these cities and I will be visiting as many historical sites and museums as I possibly can including Auschwitz while I’m in Poland. I’ve been reading Kariss‘ posts about Krakow to get me prepared.

While I’m really excited for that trip, I would also love to go somewhere during the summer and get a bit of sun as obviously we’re never guaranteed to get any in the UK. Although I had such a great time in Barcelona, I’d really like to visit somewhere new to me so I was thinking of perhaps going to Portugal for a weekend as I’ve heard a lot of great things about Porto and Lisbon.

Of course, I’d need to get myself prepared for a summer holiday and I’ve already been looking at bikinis online. I will also need to make sure I’m a lot more careful with the SPF as I got horrendously burnt in Barcelona!

What are your travel plans for 2018?


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  1. December 21, 2017 / 3:53 pm

    I am so jealous I’d kill to do this, I loved Krakow so much!

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