We’re all looking forward to the summer and many people will begin to look at camping holidays as early as March, but is it better to enjoy these getaways in a touring caravan or a static caravan? Flogas, which can supply camping gas bottles to campsites and caravanners across the UK, weighs up the positives and negatives of each option:

Advantages of touring caravans

 I’ve recently been thinking about hiring a camper van for a holiday after I had such a good time at the Caravan and Camping Show last year. They give you so much more freedom and you can go wherever you want. You can also get a touring caravan which you tow along behind you car. This gives you the same amount of freedom. 

You don’t need to choose one destination and stick to it for the entire spring and summer either. Once you’re ready to see a new sight, simply pack up your gear and drive your caravan to a new campsite.

Compared to static caravans, you will not encounter as many ground costs — think maintenance and rent prices at a campsite. Adding to this is the fact that starting prices for touring caravans are usually cheaper than their static alternatives. If you get bored of a place,  you can pack up and go onto the next one. You’re not committed to holidaying at one park forever. 

Disadvantages of touring caravans

As touring caravans need to be mobile, one negative is that they tend to have substantially less space than static caravans. This is definitely something that you should bear in mind if you’re planning caravan holidays with families or large groups of friends. You need to make sure you’re buying one that’s big enough for your needs, especially as they’re so expensive. You can get quite fancy ones that will sleep a lot of people, but they will cost a bit more. 

Due to you having to tow a caravan of a significant weight, it goes without saying that you’ll spend more on fuel taking a touring caravan from site to site as opposed to just driving your car to a campsite where your static caravan is already set up. This is something that you will need to think about. 

Advantages of static caravans

Convenience is arguably the key selling point of static caravans. This is because once your home away from home has been driven to the holiday park of your choice, it will stay there for the rest of the spring and summer. You can leave your belongings there and you don’t have to worry about packing up the essentials like bedding, a kettle, kitchen equipment etc. When you’re at home and decide you want a quick getaway, all you’ll need to do is pack some clothes and essentials and enjoy the relaxing drive to your secure holiday home. It will be your home away from home and it’s always good to go back to somewhere that you’re so familiar with. 

Static caravans are always larger than touring ones. You can get ones that are bigger than the average house! I know I wouldn’t mind living in some of the caravans that I’ve seen.

Know that you’re not going to be visiting your static caravan for a few weeks? Not to worry, as these can be rented out to other holidaymakers to enjoy as well.

Disadvantages of static caravans

Static caravans are full of advantages, however, you will need to make sure you’re happy with your chosen location as moving a static caravan once it’s in place can be a difficult and often expensive procedure.

You need to find out about the licensing at your particular holiday park as well. Some don’t allow you to visit during the winter.  



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