We use so many different portable devices for a wide variety of things today. Wearable accessories help to enhance just how much enjoyment and productivity we can get from our technology. TORRO Cases, a supplier of iPhone cases in high-quality leather finishes, have had a look into the top wearable accessories available today and why they could appeal to you.

bPay accessories

Contactless payments really rose in popularity in 2017, with many people across the country now making payments of up to £30 by simply tapping their bank cards, key fobs, smart cards and even smartphones over compatible payment machines. I’ve found that this is so convenient and I rarely have to get my card out anymore these days. 

 Topshop and bPay have partnered to make sure that contactless payments are becoming a lot more stylish. This is because you can choose from colourful stickers, keychains and wristbands and then link them to your debit or credit cards to make them sources for contactless payments. Each accessory can even be integrated with the bPay mobile app to achieve connectivity in an instant. This definitely sounds like something that I would enjoy using. 

Check out the full range of bPay accessories and how to get them activated here.

Ringly rings

If you feel as though you’re constantly checking your phone for missed calls or new messages, you can keep your device in your pocket for longer now by wearing some stylish Ringly rings.

These are available in a huge selection of semi-precious stones which range from emerald to sapphire, Ringly rings are smart pieces of jewellery which sync with Android and iOS devices so that they can be used to alert you of any notifications from your phone. Which is really handy (pun intended) when you’re in company and don’t want to be getting your phone out all of the time and being rude. 

If you’re also into fitness, then you can also track your steps and all of those calories that you are burning while you’re active too.

Get your Ringly rings today by clicking here.

Samsung Gear S3

Samsung Gear S3 are the latest smart watches that you need to know about if you want to be on trend tehse days. 

The devices make use of 4G LTE connectivity technology in order to sync with your mobile data plan and enable you to send texts, receive emails, see notifications and make calls without you needing to have your phone in your hands. They are also compatible with the Samsung Pay app, meaning you can make small payments through your watch, and have built-in GPS to aid you with your fitness activities. These sound like a great alternative to other smartwatches. 

Click here to choose your Samsung Gear S3 smart watch now.

Fitbit Alta HR

Step challenges have become very popular with many people who are looking to keep fit, as have Fitbits. I’ve had mine for a few years now and I absolutely love it. I become very competitive when I’m a part of a challenge with my friends. 

With the Fitbit Alta HR the latest of the range which you need to know about. A heart rate and fitness wristband, this wearable gadget does much more than just inform you how many steps you’ve made in a day. In fact, it can:

  • Give you a cardio fitness score so you can track your fitness level.
  • Recognise and record certain fitness activities automatically.
  • Give you gentle nudges to move if you’ve set hourly goals.
  • Monitor your heart rate.
  • Record your sleep, so that you become informed on the time you typically spend in light sleep and REM stages of sleep.

All of these features on a device that has a battery that can last for up to seven days without a charge, as well as the option to have it designed with metal, leather and classic bands. I love using my fitbit when I go abroad as I tend to walk a lot more during my holidays and I don’t need to charge it at all while I’m away. 

Much more can be discovered about the Fitbit Alta HR through this link.

Under Armour Gemini 3 RE smart shoes

A new one for me is smart shoes. I’ve never heard of them before but apparently they’re becoming quite popular!

Upon first glimpse of this footwear, you’ll be forgiven for thinking that they are just like any other running shoe on the market. They are incredibly cushioned to provide plenty of comfort while you rack up the miles. There’s nothing worse than getting blisters when you still have so far to go!

What enables the Under Armour Gemini 3 RE smart shoes to truly stand out though is the fitness tracker which is integrated into the soles of the footwear. This device will record all of the fitness activities that you pursue while wearing the shoes, before saving them straight to a compatible app through Bluetooth connectivity. You don’t have to worry about forgetting to put it on as it’s already in the shoe!

Click this link to buy your Under Armour Gemini 3 RE smart shoes today.


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