Can you believe that in a couple of weeks I’ll have finished all of my lectures? It only seems like yesterday when I was stressing about applying for my masters degree and getting worked up about finding somewhere to live. I still have to pay for my flat down here until August, but I’m hoping that by June I will have a job at home and will be able to move out into my own place. It will be so good not to share with strangers and not to have to keep my kitchen equipment in my room so other people don’t using them. There are a lot of things to think about before you get a new place though.

  • Council tax. I won’t be a student anymore so I’ll have to actually pay council tax each month which is really important.
  • Broadband. Trying to find the best/cheapest broadband provider can be hard work. It depends on which area you live in as not all are available in all places. The last couple of times I’ve had to sort out broadband, I’ve just asked people for recommendations but Simply Switch’s Broadband comparison service is here to help with this dilemma.
  • Pets. Not many landlords allow pets. I need to find somewhere that will allow me to take my gerbils with me and I also really want a cat or dog. Of course this isn’t a deal breaker, I can live without a cat or dog for a bit longer but it would be nice to find somewhere that accepts them.
  • Furniture. If I rent somewhere that’s unfurnished then I’m going to end up spending loads of money on furniture. I have a few basic things like a bed, a desk, drawers etc. but it’s the big things like a dining table and a sofa that will cost the most. If I need to, I will definitely be looking into getting these things second hand as it will work out a lot cheaper.
  • Deposit. When you pay a deposit, it should be put into a deposit protection scheme by your landlord, so it’s important that you find out exactly what is happening with it and that you get this all in writing. This will make it so much easier at the end of the tenancy when you need to get it back. I had a problem getting a deposit back in university, so I will definitely be making sure I read up on this.
  • Reading the meters. It’s really important when you move into a new place that you read the gas and electricity meters before you move in. This means that you won’t get overcharged on the bills. I need to make sure I do this wherever I move to and keep a note of the readings/take a photo.

Do you have any tips for moving house?


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  1. March 24, 2018 / 11:39 am

    I could have done with reading this before moving! There is so much to think about

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