In the UK, gardening is a very popular hobby and the Horticultural Trades Association reported that over two-thirds of British adults visit a garden centre every year. I know I love a visit to a garden centre, even though I’m not particularly interested in gardening. Suttons, advocates of grow your own vegetables have found out that the UK’s love of gardening seems to be growing strong! 

Growing interest in gardening

It’s becoming more and more popular to spend time in your garden, especially at night time Wickes has seen a 30% increase in year-on-year sales of garden lighting, which suggests that more people are spending time in the garden even when the sun goes down and perhaps in the colder months too as there are a lot of options for garden heaters too.

 In 2016, research found that around 27 million people in Britain were regularly partaking in gardening. More young people are even considering a career in the industry too — a sharp increase has been noticed in the amount of 16 to 18 year olds who are looking to complete horticulture courses at college, this is something that I would never have thought about when I was that age. 

There have been concerns regarding the popularity of gardening though, as it was reported that many people were paving over their front gardens with gravel for ease of maintenance or parking purposes as a lot of people, especially those that are working full time, simply don’t have the time required to maintain a garden. With the rise of urban living and so many people living in flats and tower blocks, it has also been reported that many people will be living without any access to a garden in the near future. However, trends have adapted and there has been a rise in the purchase of shrubbery as people try to make the most of the limited space that they do have.

Research shows that more and more people are enjoying watching gardening programmes on the television too – one in four Brits claimed that they used gardening TV shows as inspiration for their own gardens. A garden transformation show called Love Your Garden, hosted by Alan Titchmarsh (who is the chancellor of my university!), saw its viewing figures hit 4 million this summer which is similar to the show Ground Force that he used to host. 

Search volumes

It can also be noted that many people are turning to Google for gardening advice now as well and with the rise of Pinterest, there are a lot of people using that platform for their garden inspiration.


As our love of gardening grows in the UK, trends are expected to change to accommodate for the loss of green spaces – a lot of people who are without a garden are all about the house plants and succulents nowadays. If you’re not already part of the hype, then you need to get in the garden or visit your local garden centre to see what it’s all about!



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  1. November 13, 2017 / 6:17 pm

    I actually can’t wait to have my own garden so I can get out and do some gardening!!

    Squibb Vicious

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