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We’re only 9 days into 2018 and a lot of people have already broken their new years resolutions, especially the ones that are harder to keep such as going to the gym everyday, sticking to a strict diet or stopping smoking. If you’re one of those people and you’re struggling to quit the cigarettes, have you actually thought about the cost of smoking? If you haven’t looked into it, the stats will probably shock you into quitting (or at least cutting down)! Nicotinell, which provides a selection of products to help people on their journey to quitting smoking, has carried out the following research..

How much is the average Great British smoker spending on cigarettes per year?

You might think that a pack a day is nothing, but it all adds up and over the year you end up spending a lot of money. Here’s a table showing the average expenditure on cigarettes by men and women in the UK.

Cigarette product Avg. expenditure by men per year** Avg. expenditure by women per year**
Sterling Dual King Size £1,804.56 £1,656.24
Mayfair White King Size £1,946.91 £1,786.89
Lambert & Butler Original Silver King Size £1,946.91 £1,786.89
Marlboro Gold King Size £2,268.84 £2,082.36
Richmond Bright Blue Superkings £1,946.91 £1,786.89
John Player Special Bright Blue Superkings £1,609.65 £1,477.35
Carlton Superkings Red £1,609.65 £1,477.35
Silk Cut King Size Silver £2,334.54 £2,142.66
Windsor Blue JPS Superking Green £1,727.91 £1,585.89
Avg. expenditure across all products researched £1,910.65 £1,753.61


**The average expenditure has been worked out per the cost of a 20-pack of each cigarette product, under the assumption that they will need to purchase a new pack even if their average yearly expenditure doesn’t calculate to a sum of 20. For example, if a smoker has 42 cigarettes per year, they would need to purchase 3 x 20 packs of cigarettes.

If you were to quit smoking, you could be saving yourself a lot of money. If you want to put it into context, here’s a list of what you could buy with the money that you have saved from not buying cigarettes.

  • A 49-inch Sony Bravia KD49XE9005 LED HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart Android TV can be purchased new from John Lewis for £1,199.
  • A PS4 Pro 1TB, an Xbox One X and a Nintendo Switch can be purchased new from GAME for a total of £1,069.97 for all three consoles.
  • A summer holiday for a family of four costs an average of £1,212, according to research from Asda Money, with this figure including flights, accommodation, food, clothes, phone data, and activities.
  • The average Brit spends £1,042 a year on clothes, according to the Great British Wardrobe Report commissioned by Ariel.

The average British household spends £753 on Christmas festivities, according to research carried out by Money, with this figure including the costs to buy presents for friends and family, food and drink for the big day, partying and all of the festive decorations — including the Christmas tree.

I don’t smoke myself, but if I had a habit to quit that would save me a large sum of money, I would be investing in a new camera and a weekend away to a European city. What would you do with the money?


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