Engagement rings are pricey things and there’s so much pressure for men to pick the right one. There’s a lot of speculation on how much you should spend on a ring, some people say three months wages which in my opinion, is way too much. In 2016, the average spent on an engagement ring was £573 which sounds much better to me! As well as the cost, there’s also so many different styles to choose from although the most popular stone in an engagement ring is of course the diamond.

Jewellery retailer F Hinds have been looking into what sort of rings our favourite Disney princesses would wear and how much they would cost..

The top 5 Disney engagement rings were:

1: Belle: £100,000

2: Tiana: £30,000

3: Elsa and Jasmine: both £24,000

4: Snow White: £15,000

5: Ariel: £4,500

Here are my three favourites:

Belle’s ring features a large yellow diamond to match her dress and with more diamonds surrounding it in a platinum setting. At £100,000 this is pretty pricey but the Beast hasn’t left his castle for years and hasn’t been spending any money, so he can definitely afford it.

As you probably know, yellow is my favourite colour but I think that this ring is a bit too extreme for me, I wouldn’t want such a large ring. If the stone was a bit smaller (and the ring cost a lot less) then I think it would suit me more.

Cinderella’s ring is a lot more affordable at £2,000 and its main stone is a large, sky-blue topaz which matches her dress perfectly. There’s a couple of diamonds either side and it’s set in white gold. This is such a classic style and one that you would expect people to be choosing for many years.

Personally, I would be happy with a ring like this – it’s not too large and I love the blue stone and the white gold which I much prefer to yellow gold.

Tiana’s ring is another one of my favourites – I absolutely adore the green stone which is actually a green Emerald. I think Emeralds are so pretty and they are a lot more eye catching than just a diamond. This ring is really expensive at £30,000 but most of that cost (£25,000) is due to the Emerald.


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  1. November 7, 2017 / 3:40 pm

    Cinderella’s is so close to my dream ring! I’m all about the blue!!

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