Sub-ohm vaping is, put simply, firing from coils that have a resistance of below a single ohm, hence its name. When firing under these conditions, the coil is heated to an excess, producing vast amounts of vapour on each and every pull.

If you’re familiar to the world of vaping, then the likelihood is you have witnessed sub-ohm vaping, whether out and about or within the confines of your local e-cig outlet. In fact, it’s hard to miss! Sub-ohm vaping produces enormous amounts of cloud.

Sub-ohm vaping helps combine three main principles, to enhance the vape, for those who prefer this method.

Firstly, and most notably, as stated, is the amount of cloud produced. If you’re hoping to blow greater cloud than anybody in your company, then look no further than sub-ohm vaping.

Secondly, is the flavour concentrations, sub-ohm vaping enhances the flavours of the best e-liquids out there. However, if you have found your famous “sweet spot” by using coils of greater resistances, then there is a chance that sub-ohm flavours may be a little off-the-mark. It’s a case of trial and error, and alterations to the output can greater influence the flavour returns.

Finally, sub-ohm vaping is known to produce warmer vapour. This is common sense, as the lower a coils resistance is, the higher it heats the liquid, thus formulating hotter cloud. While not for everyone, the heat produced can be preferential to ex-smokers, as it helps simulate the heat found from a traditional filtered cigarette – the drawback, of course, is that sub-ohm is not generally a recommended first step for a newcomer.

However, getting started with sub-ohm vaping isn’t as complicated as it once used to be. Originally, the ability to work with sub-ohm coils was considered a somewhat dangerous hobby, by pushing the limits in what could be achieved in a coil build. And, while there are still the hardcore enthusiasts that work with sub-ohm with rebuildable decks, there is now a wealth of mods available to work with sub-ohm tanks. Even some starter kits, complete with temperature control settings, are packaged with sub-ohm tanks and coils.

A few considerations need to be pointed out with sub-ohm vaping, however.

Greater temperatures may produce more cloud, but it comes at a cost – your liquid will evaporate at a greater rate. Sub-ohm vaping is notorious for killing the juice at breakneck speeds. Alterations can be made, via wattage and voltage settings, or temperature control with the appropriate coils, to help reduce the impact, but in doing so you’ll alter the rate of cloud formations.

Nicotine levels often need to be rethought and reduced. Because vapour levels are vastly increased, the intake of nicotine can be a little overwhelming to some vapers. The maximum level of nicotine in sub-ohm vaping tends to be 6mg, with lower concentrations being more common, but, as with everything in the vaping world, this will vary from user to user. With sub-ohm tanks firing from variable voltage starter kits, the coils will probably not have too much influence over the nicotine volumes, and reducing may not be a problem. But, with RDA methods of sub-ohm vaping, or cloud chasing, nicotine is greatly advised to be reduced.

And, on one final point – many vapers ask whether or not sub-ohm vaping is safe. There is no definitive answer to this.

E-cigarette starter kits for sub-ohm vaping are built with safety in mind. The coils that come pre-packed state the minimum and maximum ranges, ensuring that the coil is being used with the tank in a way it can handle.

RTA vapers, and especially, RDA vapers, may find themselves in a different ball game, and elements of risk become apparent. But, if you know your rebuildables, then you’ll already know plenty about electrical currents, post systems, wire types, batteries and everything else that make your vape unique. Adding sub-ohm capabilities to your build can – if done correctly – completely transform your vape.



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