It’s no surprise that we’re becoming increasingly more reliant on the online world. These days, your whole life is online, from social media being how you keep in touch with friends/family to buying your weekly food shop online to planning out your holidays. I think we would definitely be lost with the internet! One thing that’s only recently started to become more reliant on the online world is planning a wedding – especially with Pinterest being such a popular tool nowadays.

In the last twelve months, approximately 87% of UK consumers have bought at least one product online – with online sales increasing 21.3% in the year 2016, and forecast to increase by 30% by the end of 2017. That’s no surprise to me – personally, I buy a lot of things online and had two parcels delivered this morning! Angelic Diamonds, retailer of unique solitaire engagement rings and bespoke wedding rings have done some research into whether it’s time for the wedding industry to plunge into the digital world in order to survive.  

According to The Huffington Post, around 6 out of 10 brides are actively planning their weddings through their mobile device: they research gowns (61% of brides, up from 27% in 2011) and search for wedding vendors (57% of brides, up from 22% in 2011). I know that a couple of my friends planned the majority of their wedding decor on Pinterest and they spent months/years collecting inspiration from all over the internet. A lot of the DIY/craft ideas on Pinterest are perfect for weddings as people want to save as much money as they can. I also see a lot of wedding dress ideas being pinned. 

Luckily, wedding fairs will not be going out of fashion anytime soon. Many couples who are planning a wedding enjoy going to a wedding fair and getting to look at everything in the flesh and speak to the vendors before actually making any big and costly decisions although many retailers have chosen to go online too.

Are you married? How did you plan your wedding?


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