As you may already know, I recently went back to university after five years out of education to do a Masters degree and that means that I moved out of my cosy bedroom in my parents’ house into a rented flat with strangers. The first thing that I wanted to do when I got down here is make my room with its white walls, beige carpet and oak furniture feel a bit more homely; I wanted to really personalise it and put my stamp on it so that I didn’t feel as homesick and it would feel like a safe space. 

I brought along my favourite duvet covers from home, I have this pastel coloured geometric print one from Primark that I love and I also added a blanket from Flying Tiger which I got last year. I have so many cushions at home, but I only brought one with me (the cat plate which is from George at Asda) and the rest were purchased especially for uni. Chip, Hedwig and the Hogwarts letter are from Primark – I had been searching for the Hogwarts letter for weeks and I finally found it two weeks ago! The black and white cat cushion is from IKEA and was a complete bargain at only £3.50.

I’ve never had houseplants before, so I thought I would get a few for my room that I wouldn’t be likely to accidentally kill. I got the Aloe Vera plant, the pot holder and the cacti from IKEA and I bought the pink pot holder from Flying Tiger. So far, they’re all still alive (although the Aloe Vera plant has been struggling) so I’m pretty pleased with that! I have my lightbox which at the moment features a Harry Potter quote (of course!) and was only £7.99 from B&M. I’m looking to buy some more letters for it, but so far I haven’t managed to find any on the high street. The only thing that I would change about this area is the curtains – they don’t look very nice and I would prefer to have blinds to hide the state of the window. Blinds are also better for privacy reasons, so I’ve been looking into Ambition Blinds. I think it would just make the whole area and room look a bit more put together.

I’m lucky that my room is pretty big but this meant that I had huge white spaces on my walls and I needed to fill them up. On one wall, I have a noticeboard which has my pin collection on, a canvas that I received for my birthday with a photo of me and Bertie on it, a couple of framed prints which Haydy kindly sent me for my birthday, a peg board which I bought from Debenhams (I’ve stuck a Harry Potter quote on there of course!) and a clock which is made from a Morrissey vinyl which was sent to me by Vinyl Clocks. I love how unusual it is! I’ve also stuck some battery powered fairy lights up which were only £2.50 from Primark. Everything is stuck to my walls using Command Strips which means that there won’t be any damage to my walls afterwards when I have to take them all down.

One of my favourite things in my room is my Hogwarts Express box which I got from a shop here in Winchester. I use this to keep my everyday toiletries in and my collection of face masks. I think it looks great on my chest of drawers! I also have a skull tea light holder which was from the Halloween section in Poundland and a Mrs. Potts money box which I managed to get from Primark. I always check Primark for homeware as it’s so cheap and affordable!

How do you decorate your rented accomodation?


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