It is your wedding day. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that you are the star of the show, as it should be. The spotlight is on you. But, the fact is, a lot of people are making your fantasy wedding come true. Of course, you are paying many of them and this is their job. You are hiring them for a service and they are providing (hopefully) according to your instructions. But some are more than that. Some are much more than that.

Your Bridesmaids

Your bridesmaids dedicate a lot of their time and efforts into your special wedding. They wear what you want them to wear. They style their hair and apply their makeup to your liking. They run your errands, help with shopping, give you parties and showers and make sure your every wish is attended to.

On the big day, they look beautiful and they shine with love for you. There are photograph opportunities with this special friends, that will never happen again. Whether you want traditional pictures with the bridesmaids or silly pictures of splashing in the water and throwing the flowers in the air, this is the time. The photoshoot with your bridesmaids will be one of your favorite memories. This is when you discover how versatile your photographer is.


The Photographer

There are thousands of great photographers. They are professionals and know how to get lovely and natural photographs. They know how to use the lighting and what to look for to capture unique shots.  So what can be a problem?  The issue is personality. Your photographer needs to have the same personality you have. He or she must like quirky, funny, and romantic if that is what you are like. The more they think like you, the more you will like the photographs. To capture your wedding, they must see your wedding through your eyes.

The Groom Plans The Honeymoon

Traditionally, it is the groom’s responsibility to plan the honeymoon. If that is not frightening enough, tradition also dictates that he keeps the destination a surprise from the bride. If his choice is not her idea of paradise, this could be a problem. If she has been dropping hints about tropical islands and buying swimsuits, but he thinks she would like a trip to a snow ski resort, this is again, a problem. Today’s couples like the idea of not arguing on their honeymoon, so they opt to plan the honeymoon together. Even together, planning a honeymoon is a lot of work. This is why many couples choose a location, then they review the honeymoon packages and let the professionals make all their activities and event schedules. Sometimes, they’d even opt for a crowdfunding campaign through one of the platforms such as Plumfund to help finance a more exotic trip.

So take your time when you plan your wedding. Choose your wedding party carefully. Choose your vendors, venue, and honeymoon destination carefully. Make your priorities happen. But then choose to lighten up and see where the day takes you. Enjoy your wedding. Enjoy your bridal party, enjoy your honeymoon. Tradition has its place and so does romance. But don’t forget to have some fun too.




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