Wifi is a big part of our lives and when we don’t have access to it, it can be a bit of a struggle. I know that I’m very reliant on wifi, what with my job being completely online so I try to keep myself in a wifi zone when I’m out and about just in case I need to get on my emails or something. When I’m on holiday I don’t mind as much when I’m having fun and exploring but it’s a bit different when you’re at a festival and want to share how much fun you’re having with your followers and friends. 

Festival organisers are looking to change this, and although connectivity has been limited across festival sites in the past, full-connectivity from mobile devices is set to be the future of the festival experience. Together with KBR, specialist WiFi installers, we explore what the festival industry is set to gain from staying connected, and how this industry can implement reliable WiFi infrastructures in the future.

Why should festivals have readily available WiFi?

Since the turn of the century, the number of people attending music festivals has really grown. There’s also been an increase in the amount of festivals that are on each year. Due to the market being so financially buoyant, this had led to increased competition within the industry. What this means is that festival organisers need to establish a competitive edge and a USP — with this USP being WiFi.

For festival organisers, investing in a WiFi structure is not a wasted cost, because 90% of all festival goers are smartphone users, making an event with free WiFi more appealing than one without. In an age where friends regularly stay connected and share their plans and memories with each other, it is no surprise that WiFi for such popular events like festivals is becoming a must have for those who attend.

I’m sure that even if there was a charge to use the festival WiFi, most people would still want to use it. Not a lot of people can go four days without updating Instagram or using Snapchat! It’s only the same as people paying to use the WiFi in a hotel after all.

Is WiFi at a festival really beneficial?

As many celebrate the availability of WiFi at these events, some are questioning whether this new level of connectivity will detract from the overall festival experience. If attendees are too busy tweeting and posting about their experience, are they truly experiencing it?

This year, I’m going to two festivals and I know that when I’m lying in my tent at night I will want to be scrolling through Instagram and Twitter to catch up with what I’ve missed, so festival wifi would be a big help for me!

However, the many benefits of WiFi outweigh this slight negative. WiFi not only helps promote a festival through attendee social coverage, it helps festival-goers stay connected with their friends at the event and those at home. Clearly, festival WiFi is here to stay.


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