There’s no doubt about it, technology makes life so much easier. Whether you’re at home or out and about, so many of us rely on technology to assist us with our day to day lives. I know that personally, I never leave the house without at least one digital device on me, sometimes even more than one. I always have at least my smartphone on me but I can also often be found with my tablet or laptop on my person as well.

Nowadays, a lot of younger people are using smart tech in the home to improve their lives. You’d be surprised at home much smart technology is available now and what it can do. Gone are the days of having to get up to switch off the light or open up your blinds and we now have the most complex security systems even in our homes and with the introduction of motion sensors, it’s all got a whole lot smarter! You don’t even have to be at home to access your technology, you can be in the next town or even in a different country, all you need is your smartphone. How clever is that?

Samsung have partnered with Channel 4 and comedian Alex Brooker (best known for the popular tv programme The Last Leg) and have produced a new series called Alex Brooker’s Tech Over where they explore the lives of young entrepreneurs and see how they are using technology in their homes to improve their lives.

Do you have any smart technology in your home? After seeing these videos I’m now trying to work out how I can afford some myself! I’ll do anything for an easier life and I love how much technology has improved over the last few decades.


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