As the heart of the home, your kitchen needs to be a space that you can enjoy and make the most of throughout the day. The days where kitchens were only for prepping and cooking are far behind us, with many now used as additional living areas, dining space and even a workspace for many busy individuals. Your kitchen is an area you should feel proud of and be able to use for a number of different things, which is why the décor is very important. In order to create a trendy, stylish space for you and your family, we’ve gathered a selection of tips to inspire you and help you design the perfect room.

Functionality First

The functionality of your kitchen is by far one of the most important things when it comes to keeping up with the trends of 2017. Functional kitchens may seem like something you’ve seen for many years now, but it’s not just about the kitchen as a whole. People want more from their kitchens, from handless kitchen cabinets to multi-purpose appliances, and with this rapidly growing trend featuring in more and more kitchens, you’ll notice many appliances and kitchen designs are keeping up with the trends and giving home owners exactly what they want. You can also add functionality to your kitchen by introducing exciting new gadgets and appliances that will enhance your current kitchen and really add character to the overall look.

Unique Faucets and Bold Sinks

Just like the cabinets and worktops, kitchen sinks and their faucets are becoming a key feature within kitchen design. You used to find that these features were often a simple stainless steel design with simple faucets. Today, kitchens sinks have a league of their own, with many Belfast sinks coming in a variety of bright, bold colours to really add character to the room and brighten the décor. There are also a huge range of bold, unique faucets available that will transform your sink area and create a stunning focal point.

Essential Storage

The days of messy, overcrowded kitchens are now long behind us, with many kitchen designs coming with incredible storage features to really make the most of the space you have. There’s something really satisfying about opening up a drawer to see everything neat and tidy in its own place. There are some really great storage devices available, from in-cupboard storage, adding a smaller drawer into your original drawer for some extra storage and even introducing dividers to keep certain items where they should be. It’s now very trendy to have a neat, organised kitchen, as not only does it help to keep the room fresh and clear, it also enables you to get things done and keep organised.

Kitchen Dining Area

This may not be new to kitchen design, but introducing a stylish dining space to your kitchens has become much trendier over the last few months. Sitting down to eat with your family, hosting dinner parties and even just having a good catch up with a friend is all really beneficial for keeping your social levels up, as well as getting that quality family time into your day. By adding a dining space to your kitchen, you are able to create an area that is easy to use, practical and also quick. You don’t have to worry about carrying the food from the kitchen to the dining room and getting everyone there at the right time, now you can get everyone in the kitchen and enjoy some good company and good food!

Plenty of Character

Introducing features to your kitchen that help to add character and enhance the current décor is the perfect way to create a warm and welcoming space. Whether it’s brightly coloured wallpaper on one feature wall, a bright set of binds on the kitchen windows or some bold table mats and coasters, you can really make your interiors pop and keep up with the bold, bright trends of 2017!


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