There is a good reason why tax refunds are available to small entrepreneurs. It is a way in which government stimulates economy and helps those who wish to be independent and employed. As you can presume, this takes off burden from that same government as it doesn’t have to provide jobs or think about high unemployment rate.
Tax returns and tax return calculation is especially important for self-employed. Most of these individuals are working from their home and using their own family’s resources to do so. Blogging is a good example. Being good citizens, they will try to include all expenditures on their tax return list. However, there are some stuff which are constantly omitted.
If you wish to do tax return calculation by yourself, it is necessary to have good information. You need to know what things are tax deductible and how you can save money on them. This article will help you do precisely that.

Your own accountant
Every company has an accountant. When we’re talking about big international companies this is only to be expected as there are numerous things that need to be considered. For self-employed things are a bit different. Most self-employed people do not have too many elements that need to be included in their tax records. It is rather simply procedure and you can do it yourself. Besides obvious benefit (not paying an accountant) you also have to have in mind that accountancy fees qualify for tax relief. So, you can even make some money along the way.

Tax refund calculator
Entrepreneurs can easily do tax calculation by using a tax refund calculator. These nifty tools can be found all over the internet and they can save you so much time. There only several things that need to be included such as gross income and expenditure so the procedure is rather straightforward.

Your home is your office
When you rent an office, you need to pay for various things such as water and electricity. They are subject to tax refund and are included in the whole equation. So, why to people tend to omit electricity and water bills they have in their own home. If used as office space, all your home bills can be regarded as office bills. This way they will enter your company’s records and will be affected by tax relief.

Gas is also important
Some people get a company car. They use it as a company asset and are willing to pay all related fees such as insurance through their organization. Of course, if your business goes south you will have to use that same car to pay off your debts (in certain cases). Given that you’re constantly filling your tank with gas, this will be regarded as business expenditures. As such, they will be subjected to tax relief. So, next time you’re on a station make sure to get a receipt. This way you can corroborate your claim that you’ve paid money for company’s travels.


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