September is getting closer and closer and I need to start sorting out everything that I need to take down to Winchester with me when I move back to university. As I’ve already been to university before, I do have most of the things I will need but it’s still packed away in boxes in the garage from when I moved back home five years ago, so I will need to go through them all and see what’s fine to keep, what needs replacing and what I will need to buy.


When I first moved to uni I bought a couple of plates and bowls but the plates were too big to fit in a microwave (which is very important!) so this time around, I’m going to make sure I get some dinner plates that are slightly smaller, or perhaps a normal size. I really love the range at Cath Kidston and if I could, I’d have everything from there but that’s not ideal when you’re likely to be sharing a kitchen with strangers. I will definitely be getting a couple of mugs though as they’re so cute!

Water filter

This isn’t a necessity everywhere, I have absolutely no problem with the tap water at home in Staffordshire but I just can’t drink water straight from the tap down in Hampshire. When I first moved down there, I went into town on my second day and bought a Brita water filter and I will be doing the same this time around. I drink a lot of water and squash and the hardness of the water does not make it pleasant to drink.

Bread maker

When you’re a student, you want to save as much money as possible but still eat well, so investing in a breadmaker is a good idea. You can make fresh bread at less than the cost of buying a loaf from the supermarket and everyone prefers fresh bread. I would love to get a bread maker as you can also use it to make dough for pizza bases or bread rolls as well as loaves of bread. I’ve been considering Panasonic Bread Makers.

Coffee machine

Okay, this isn’t really an essential but when you’re up all night studying or writing your dissertation, having a nice coffee can make so much difference. I really wanted a coffee machine when I was doing my undergraduate degree and luckily, I have one now and I’ll be taking that down with me. I know it will be used a lot, especially as it means I’ll save money on buying takeaway coffees as I can just put them in my Kate Spade travel mug and take my drink to lectures with me and you can usually get the pods quite chepa in the supermarket or on Amazon.


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