Lifestyle: Organising and Sorting Out Your Loft Space

Do you ever get that feeling like you’re entering Narnia when you head up into your loft? With hundreds of dusty boxes and random items gathered everywhere, creating a space that feels full of mystery? Well, it’s time to change that now. Your loft is a really useful room to store essential items that have no other place to go, but that doesn’t mean you need to go overboard and hoard everything you’ve owned for the last few years. It’s time to organise and sort your loft space, you’ll be surprised just how refreshing and uplifting this process can be!

Devise an Inventory

When it comes to organising a room, there’s no better starting point than an inventory. By creating an inventory (list of ALL items in the loft) you can clearly see exactly what you have and figure out where to begin. The inventory will also open your eyes to all kinds of items that you’ve had stored up there for years and forgotten about, which can often prompt you to get your sorting hat on and really figure out what is needed and what isn’t. You can also gain a better understanding of what kind of things you’re storing, and if there’s a pattern you could then focus on how to make the loft work best for you.

Time to Throw

If there’s a lamp hidden in the corner of your loft that you haven’t even thought about for a few years, the chances are you don’t really need it anymore. Now is the perfect time to thoroughly sort out exactly what you want to keep and what can be thrown away. There’s no point in cluttering up valuable loft space with items that you never think you’ll use again, or even items that are broken or damaged. Make three piles in the room, one for items you’re keeping, one for items you’re not sure about and the other for items that can be thrown away, recycled or even taken to a charity shop. This will really help to sift through exactly what you have and give you an idea of how much space you’ll have available once the throw pile has been removed from the room.

Assess the Space

Now that you know how much you’re keeping, you can take a look at the room space and see what is now available for you to use. You may find that the new space available enables you to create a whole new layout or even utilise the space in a different way, which is always beneficial! By assessing the space, you have you can also figure out whether or not the room could be used for other purposes, which is something that could also help add value to your home.

Be Thorough

Climbing up and down your telescopic loft ladder may seem like a challenge with lots of boxes full of rubbish, but it’ll instantly make you feel better. Throwing things away can be a weirdly therapeutic process, especially if the items your throwing are no longer of any use and have been clogging up your loft for too long. It’s important to remain thorough in your cleaning and organising, as you want to ensure your making the right decisions for each item. Don’t put things in a box if you know full well you don’t want or need them anymore, as they’ll just take up valuable space that something else may require further down the line.

Introduce Labels

Organising boxes can be difficult when you don’t know, from looking at the outside, what is inside them. This is why labelling your boxes is a really good step to take. By labelling your items, you can keep it clear and show exactly what each box contains. It’ll also help to protect fragile items, as it’s so easy to throw a box and realise it’s full of glasses or delicate items! Try to keep things in a neat, organised order as this will also help you navigate around your loft with ease, which will make your life much easier!


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