One thing you have to start thinking about when you’re an adult, is insurance. We all know the importance and legality of getting car insurance and I definitely make sure I get myself some form of travel insurance whenever I leave the country and I’m sure most people have some form of house insurance. These days we all have so much jewellery and you don’t realise how much it’s actually worth and it’s often not covered with your home insurance, so it’s a good idea to look into insuring it separately. 

Personally, I have a couple of rings that are really special to me. I have a gold ring with a garnet that was passed on from a great great aunt to my nan and then my nan gave it to me a few years ago. I also have a gold and diamond ring that belonged to my great nan and she was wearing it when she died. Both of these rings are really important to me as is the gold locket that my great nan bought for me for my eighteenth birthday as it’s the last birthday present that she picked out for me. I would absolutely hate to lose any of these as they have such sentimental value and are completely irreplacable.

I also have a couple of Pandora bracelets with a selection of charms. As I’ve been slowly building these up since I was twenty one, I didn’t realise how much they’re worth all together. Buying a €30 charm when I’m on holiday doesn’t seem like much, but when it’s with ten others on a bracelet it really adds up.

My mom lost her engagement ring when she was in Majorca a couple of years ago and she was absolutely devastated. Luckily, she had engagement ring insurance and was able to get the money back to get a new one. Obviously, the new one doesn’t hold as much sentimental value as the old one but at least she managed to get a replacement. It’s definitely worth looking into insurance for your jewellery.


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