How to take photos for your beauty blog


Running a blog is a very time-consuming task. As we live in a society that values quality and a time where visuals are much easier to consume than text, the importance of using eye-catching images on your page cannot be ignored. If you’re running a beauty blog and need to upload images of products, but your photography skills are lacking, then your blog may not look as appealing as your competitors.

Thankfully, capturing attractive photographs isn’t as difficult as you may think it is. By following a few tips and tricks, your blog will be brought to life.

Here’s how you can take eye-catching photographs for your beauty blog:

  1. Review the Work of Professional Photographers

If you want your photographs to look professional, then it would be wise to mirror the techniques of professional photographers. Don’t just choose any photographer, however. Find someone who regularly takes photos of cosmetics products as they will have perfected their technique. For example, there’s who has an entire portfolio dedicated to cosmetics. They’ve also worked with companies such as Selfridges and Illamasqua and so their photos are certainly successful!

  1. Lighting Plays a Key Role

To ensure the colours of your photographs are appealing and bright, you need to focus on perfecting the lighting. Seeing as you’re running a beauty blog, you may want to focus on using natural light as this will complement the products well. Try to get as much natural daylight on your images as you can. However, as this can depend on the time of day and the weather, you should also try out fluorescent lamps and bright lights to highlight the products you’re trying to capture.

Remember to adjust the camera settings according to the light you’re using.

  1. Avoid Using Flash Photography

Unless you have a professional external flash to bounce the light off the walls and ceilings to create a natural affect, do not try experimenting with the flash on your camera.

Why? Because it rarely makes an image look high-quality or appealing, especially if you’re an amateur photographer. By using a built-in flash, there’s a high probability that your pictures will have washed out colours and harsh lines which will catch the eyes of your audience, but for the wrong reasons.

If you’re using the flash because your pictures look dark, you ned to experiment with the light in the room.

  1.  Practice as Much as Possible

Don’t give up after a few unsuccessful photo shoots. Don’t accept that you’re going to have to use low quality images on your beauty blog, when all you need to do is practice. The more you practice, the better you’ll become. Do you think professional photographers got to where they are now by only taking one or two pictures in the same setting? Nope!

The first thing you need to practice with is the camera itself. Read up about your make and model online and find some useful tips from other photographers. Explore all of the settings available and get to know what everything does, and when you can use what.

Once you’ve mastered how to use your camera correctly, experiment with your environment. Practice taking photographs inside with different brightness’ and aim to create a different mood in each picture you take. You can then practice your outdoor photography skills and perfect how to take eye-catching images in natural lighting.

Finally, don’t just take one or two images of the same product. Capture it over and over again, in different ways, and discover your style.


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