In a post on my blog from earlier this year, I talked about whether or not e-cigarettes were just a passing trend, or if they were here to stay. While it was only six months ago, it’s fair to say that for some people in the UK, e-cigarettes have become a way of life, as over half of the UK’s 2.9 million e-cigarette users have now given up tobacco completely.

Unfortunately, e-cigarettes in the UK are still being perceived by some as just as harmful as tobacco cigarettes. Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) published their annual survey on the use of e-cigarettes in the UK in May, which showed how 26% of people asked still believed that e-cigarettes are equally or more harmful than smoking tobacco.

Still, Cancer Research UK described a recent study at University College London as coming the “closest yet to proving that e-cigarettes aren’t as dangerous as smoking”. As more and more research is published across the world, surely e-cigarette use in the UK will rise further.

Fewer People are Smoking Than Ever!

While most of us will still know someone who smokes, across the UK, there are fewer people smoking than ever since records began over 40 years ago. This is amazing news, considering the amount of harm that smoking causes worldwide. It’s good to see the UK leading the way when it comes to reducing cigarette consumption.

In addition to the health benefits, one of the best things about a reduction in cigarette smokers in the UK is the amount of money it could save our National Health Service (NHS). While for some, quitting smoking is a very difficult process, it seems like e-cigarettes really are a healthier solution all round.

How an E-Cigarette Can Help You!

Fortunately, in the UK, e-cigarettes are recognised by official bodies as a viable solution for cigarette cessation. In fact, they are actually recommended by the NHS as a tool to help you quit smoking. The reason they have helped so many people to quit smoking cigarettes is that they are almost a direct replacement in all areas — minus so many of the health risks.

Many of the difficulties when quitting cigarettes are to do with cravings, breaking daily routines and oral fixation. E-cigarettes provide a healthier alternative that works alongside these stimulants, instead of against them.

An e-cigarette in the UK is capable of delivering various strengths of nicotine, too. You can start on the higher strengths that replicate tobacco cigarettes, but you can also work your way down to lower nicotine e-liquids, or even a nicotine-free vape. A nicotine-free vape still delivers all the best e-liquid flavours, just without any of the nicotine!

So Many Flavours To Choose From…

Because of the huge number of different e-liquid flavours, you never get bored. This variety helps keep off cravings when you stop smoking, as well as avoiding the binge eating that has become so synonymous with giving up tobacco. Why would you want a blueberry muffin when you can just vape on your blueberry flavoured e-liquid? This list of the best e-liquids of 2017 provides a great introduction to vaping, as well as picking the best e-liquid for you. It’s often very much down to personal preference, but sometimes, it helps to get a nudge in the right direction.

So, why not join the rest of the UK’s e-cigarette users? Help yourself to live a life free of tobacco smoke and all the nasty things that come along with it.


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  1. September 18, 2017 / 1:55 pm

    I love to see posts that touch on more controversial issues especially in lifestyle blogs.

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