When you’re trying to put all kinds of beautiful furniture, practical features and personal touches into one room, it can be a bit of a challenge. It’s even more of a challenge when you’re working with a small room, as you often find that you’re battling with how to get the right balance so that the room feels fresh and bright, instead of dull and cramped. We’ve gathered a selection of clever tips that are going to help you give your smaller room a larger feel and lift the atmosphere completely.

Match Things Up

One really clever way of creating a sense of space is to match certain items up with others. A perfect example of this would be to invest in some curtains or blinds that are the same colour or pattern as your walls. By doing this, you will create an illusion that both areas are actually combined together, which will enable the room to flow better and therefore feel more open. You could also look at adding sofas or chairs that are the same colour as your other furniture pieces, as this will also help to draw the room together and enable the eye to flow smoothly around the room.

Tone it Down

It’s always really nice to be able to incorporate colour and patterns into your décor, but sometimes less is more, especially when working with smaller spaces. The colours that you choose for this particular room will have a massive impact on the way the room feels and looks in more ways than one. Whilst the colour scheme will give the room an attractive, aesthetic appeal, it will also affect how large or small the room feels, as well as the atmosphere and so on. Selecting colours that are lighter and more neutral will help to keep the room feeling fresh, bright and open, instead of creating a dull feel with darker colours. Try to keep the colours consistent throughout, as it will help to keep the balance in the room.

Introduce Mirrors

By adding mirrors to a room, you are able to create reflections that help to change the feel of the room completely. It depends on the layout of the room, but if you add a mirror to one end, you’ll see that the natural light is filtered beautifully throughout, which can really help to enhance that airy feel. You can also make a room look longer with mirrors, especially if they are positioned close to a doorway, which is really good for creating an open look. From free standing to oak mirrors, there are so many unique shapes and sizes that you can always find the perfect one for any room in your home.

Use the Walls

There is one trick that never fails with smaller rooms and that’s using the wall space. So many people focus all of their décor ideas onto the floor space, but your walls offer you just as much space, if not more! Items such as bookcases, shelving units and artwork are really good for utilising the wall space you have and freeing up any essential floor space that is needed for larger furniture pieces. By using the wall space, you are also creating a visual that draws the eye the moment you enter the room, giving the sense of more space being used which again, makes the room feel larger than it actually is.


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