For me, summer is all about treating yourself and enjoying ice creams in the sunshine. This summer, I’ve been trying my best to try as many different ice creams as I can across the country and I’ve managed to have quite a few delicious ones! Although summer is now coming to an end (before it’s really began if I’m honest – where’s the sunshine?) and I’m going to start thinking about eating better to try to shift some of the weight I’ve put on over the last few months.

Now I’m so accustomed to grabbing something sweet whenever I feel the need for a treat, I need to find things to replace the sugary ice creams with and I’ve been roaming Pinterest for healthier alternatives. Even simple ice lollies are often high in added sugar, so it’s a great idea to make your own out of squash or juice and I’m looking to get myself some ice lolly moulds.

When I go back to uni in September it will be so easy for me to just live off of takeaways (Winchester has the best Chinese takeaways) and junk food, so I’ve got to make a conscious effort to make sure I cook for myself and eat as best as I can. I’ve got a few ideas for healthier meals and I’m also going to be joining the uni gym which is a new thing for me – I’ve never actually been to a gym before! I’ll be trying out some protein shakes while I’m working out as protein is essential for exercise.

Winchester is known for its hills, so no doubt I will be getting a lot of exercise just from walking to and from my lectures. I think that’s how I managed to keep to a size six when I was doing my Bachelors Degree! I’ve also been having a look at the Student Union website and I’ve found a lot of societies that I want to join if my schedule allows it – there’s a Pole Fitness society that sounds amazing! I’m not sure how good I will be, but it’s something I’ve always wanted to try so I’m willing to give it a go!


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