As you get older, you find that you have a lot of really expensive things to pay for which can be painful at times. Who finds it easy to part with their hard earned cash? I know I certainly don’t, unless it’s for food or makeup then I don’t have a problem at all!

Once you hit seventeen, it seems like everyone is expecting you to learn to drive and there can be a lot of pressure put onto you to learn as quickly as possible, but it’s very pricey! Unless you’re lucky enough to have someone pay for your lessons and tests, learning to drive can leave you feeling a bit broke at the end of it which is what happened to me.

I started learning to drive around five months after my seventeenth birthday and went through four different instructors over the course of four years (I had a three year break whilst I was at university) until I finally found one that was right for me. I did six tests, because my nerves failed me on three of them (two I failed for silly mistakes) and I finally passed the sixth one aged twenty five. Since passing, everyone has been asking me when I’m going to get a car and the truth is, I just can’t afford it.
I’ve been looking at cars and I know what I want (I would love a little mustard Fiat 500) but at around £11k a pop, that’s not something I will be able to afford anytime soon. I really would like to get myself a car as it would make things a lot easier, especially when I move back down to Winchester and will be looking for a job after I’ve completed my Masters degree so I’ve been toying with the idea of car finance from All Car Leasing which means that I wouldn’t have to fork out a huge amount all in one go and could just pay a completely manageable amount each month.

This is so handy as there’s also other expenses that come with owning a car such as tax, insurance and annual MOTs – not forgetting the ever increasing cost of petrol. Owning a car is a very expensive privilege but one that I’m sure is completely worth it if it means I won’t have to rely on public transport anymore. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get a car on finance soon and can wave goodbye to the horrible buses!


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