Whether you’re moving out to live with a partner, or moving to university, it’s always important that you make sure you have a well stocked medicine cabinet. As you may know, I’ve recently moved back down to Winchester and I’ve had to make sure that I have all of the essentials. As I’m in a shared flat, I don’t actually have a medicine cabinet, instead I keep everything in a draw in my desk which is in my bedroom. I’ve managed to stock up on everything that I may need and I have made a list of everything that is important.


  • Painkillers – I’m on prescription painkillers, so I generally only have those around but I do keep some lower dose painkillers in my drawer just in case I either run out or someone else needs one for a headache. It’s good to go for paracetamol and ibuprofen.
  • Antihistamines – these are a must for me during the summer as I can get pretty bad hay fever but it’s also a good idea to have some just in case of an allergic reaction to anything or if you have pets and you’re going to be having visitors who are allergic to your furry friends.
  • Indigestion and heartburn relief – I’ve found that as I get older, I’m getting heartburn a hell of a lot more than I used to and it can be debilitating sometimes. I always make sure I have some ranitidine in my drawer as it seems to be the only thing that can get rid of it properly.
  • Anti-diarrhoea tablets – nobody likes being stuck on the loo all day and it can be pretty annoying if you’ve got some sort of bug but have things to do. I always like to keep some diarrhoea tablets around, just in case.
  • Prescription medicines – if you are prescribed medication,  it’s always best to make sure you have enough of them to last you at least a week and that you order it in when you notice that you’re running out. This can be anything from depressants to acne medication – always make sure you keep an eye on how many you have or set a reminder in your phone.

Other items

  • Plasters – I don’t know how many times I’ve managed to cut myself since I moved down here, but I’m so glad that I bought a box of plasters before I moved in. They’re something that you always need so it’s a good idea to have them in.
  • Antibacterial wipes – just in case you have a bit of an accident, wipes are a good way to clean up a small wound before you apply a plaster.
  • Gauze and bandages – again, just in case you have a bit of an accident and you have a wound that is too big for a plaster, gauze and bandages will come in handy
  • Thermometer – these are essential if you’re unsure if someone is running up a fever. You can get many different kinds but the electrical ones that give a digital reading are really popular nowadays.

What essentials do you always keep in your medicine cupboard?


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