The summer is coming up and there always seems to be so much pressure to make it a good one. Everywhere online you see people posting about their amazing holidays. But what if you can’t afford to jet off to Ibiza with the girls? There’s still plenty of ways for you to have fun this summer!

Picnic in the park

Everyone loves a picnic and it doesn’t need to cost you a penny! Just make some of your favourite sandwiches using whatever you have at home, grab a blanket and go. I recently had a lovely picnic on the top of a hill where I live in Winchester. It was a lovely sunny day and we took a few things up with us and just sat there chatting for a couple of hours. It was a great day and so cheap. Plus, we got a bit of exercise from walking up the hill!

Go for a walk

I’m not sure about other places in the UK, but where I live there are plenty of lovely walks to do. Winchester is surrounded by some beautiful countryside and there’s so much to see. One of my favourite walks is going up to St Catherines Hill and admiring the view over Winchester. You could find somewhere in your area and go out and enjoy the countryside.

A good freebies UK website is always worth checking when you are short of cash. You might find something to do on there.


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