It seems like everybody is having plastic surgery these days and it’s not just the celebrities. You don’t need to pay thousands and undergo invasive surgery if you’re not happy about the way you look, there are plenty of other things you can do.

Get a new hairstyle
Having a new hair cut and dying your hair can make such a difference and can also make you feel so confident. If you’re used to just having a trim every six weeks, be brave and go for something a bit different, maybe get some highlights or have a fringe put in.

Revamp your wardrobe
Wearing the same clothes all the time can make you feel a bit like you’re stuck in a rut. Save up and have yourself a little shopping spree. Try some new styles that you wouldn’t usually go for, mix up the colours a bit. If you’re used to wearing just black and dark colours, try adding a brightly coloured bag for a pop of colour.

Get your eyebrows done
Eyebrows make a huge difference to your face. I found that since I started having mine shaped (I’ll either get them threaded or waxed depending on how much money I have at the time) they’ve made me feel so much more confident. I also get them tinted regularly, whether that’s at a salon (usually by Benefit in Debenhams) or at home using a kit.

Look into fillers
If you’re wanting a drastic change without going under the knife, you could always consider fillers. A lot of people are openly going for lip fillers nowadays but you could also try somewhere like Dore Aesthetics to get the face shape you’ve always wanted,


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